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ISUG-TECH Conference

The ISUG-TECH Conference is held this year in Atlanta, GA, April 14-17. SAP ASE 16.0 will be announced here and there will be more than 150 hours of in-conference sessions Tuesday through Thursday. These sessions will cover a variety of SAP database, mobile and replication products covering SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise), SAP Replication Server, SAP PowerBuilder, SAP Mobile Platform, SAP PowerDesigner, SAP IQ and SAP HANA. Sessions will be in the format of lectures, round-tables and workshops, etc. Optional workshops are available on Monday and Friday that week. Check the web-site for more information about the content and descriptions as well as the speakers. It’ll be highly technical in nature.

he format will be similar to the old Sybase TechWave conferences. The content is strictly technical, geared for those folks looking for education on the products, in terms of hands-on knowledge, presentation of new features and how all this technology will improve your technical life.

I am presenting three sessions along the SAP Development Track:

Best Practices using SAP ASE Windows Drivers – (2 Hour Lecture)

In this session we will cover best practices in using SAP ASE Windows  Drivers (ODBC and ADO.NET) in  regards to various applications, ranging  from small customer applications to  enterprise level.  The session will  break out via SAP ASE ODBC Driver and ADO.NET Provider. We will  cover  certain connection properties relevant to performance and  optimizations  and how to tune the drivers to achieve best results. Focus  is centered  on the use of new SAP ASE functionality implemented for use  with SAP  Business Suite but in terms of custom application development  as well  as use of Windows packaged services such as IIS and SSIS, as  examples.  These areas will be covered at low level in custom code to  high level.

Building an ODBC Utility Library with SAP ASE ODBC Driver – (Half-Day Workshop)

The workshop will demonstrate how to build a Windows DLL using Windows  Visual Studio (versions can be 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012) to be used for testing  applications and learning ODBC API concepts. It’s a hands on session  where the library will be built, covering nuances of Visual Studio and  some of my techniques I use to build such a DLL/Library. The second part will be dealing with creating an application and how to use it with our  newly created library.

As I write this one I will provide a few test applications to demonstrate various techniques and concepts. I am using msdev 2012 to write my particular library. If you’re writing C code for SAP ASE ODBC Driver this will be useful information.

Use of SAP ASE ADO.NET BulkLoad Capabilities – (1 Hour Lecture)

The SAP ASE ADO.NET Data Provider is capable of using bulk library-like capabilities to load data into the SAP ASE. This is achieved via the use of custom applications as well as the Microsoft SQL Server SSIS (SQL  Server Integration Services).  The lecture will cover the various levels of bulk  loading, similar in effect to the bcp utility in Open Client. This  capability will provide a means to effectively transfer large amounts of  data from one database to another. SAP ASE is the target and source is  typically SAP ASE or other databases in the case of mixed shops.

As I get closer to the conference I’ll present some information on these topics and check to see if there is interest. I’d like to post information on the blog that’ll provide a benefit to developers using the SAP ASE Drivers. Feel free to comment on the blog if you’ve some topics you’d like to learn.

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      So all you SCN readers know, Paul has written 55 articles (and counting!) for the ISUG-TECH Journal over the years.  He is someone who truly does know his material inside and out, and it's a real pleasure to have him presenting at the conference!

      Thanks Paul!