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Broadcast Resolution: Agentry Signature Capture Truncation in Windows client

As a proactive effort by SAP support to our Agentry mobile developers and users, we would like to announce a fix against the Agentry signature capture control wherein the Windows client is truncating the signature when it is submitting the signature to the back-end (In SAP, IBM or others).

If you are one of these developers, customers or users who uses signature capture control for Windows in your Agentry mobile application this message is for you.

Do you see the following when you transmit the signature in the back-end? This issue may be intermittent as different strokes of signature may or may not be successful during capture but happens in a Windows Agentry client (Win32).


Details: The symptoms, cause and resolution is documented in our SAP KBA note # 1981975 – Truncating signatures in the Agentry Client (You may need to access the document using your SAP login S number).

The Resolution:

  • Use the released Hot Patch for the Agentry client on 2/17/2014 (version
    • This release may be specially requested from SAP Support if not available in the Service Market Place to download (Open ticket under MOB-SYC component)
  • This fix will also be merged in the next Agentry 6.0.40 release (Planned for end of March 2014 – may change based on other criteria)
  • If you are seeing this issue, you need a minimum of Agentry version and the timestamp of the Agentry version should be February 17, 2014 or later

Hope this information helps.


Mark Pe

AGS Senior Product Support Engineer

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  • Thanks Mark for the helpful information.

    I got this issue in SAP Service Manager 3.1 application on win32 client. But I could not find location to download hot patches or Agentry client 6.0.40 in the support portal.

    Please provide the links to download Agentry client 6.0.40 or the hot patches for Agentry client.



    • Narasimha,

      In theory all newer releases of 6.0.4X has the prior fixes merged in. If the latest version did not work for you, you may file a bug against it (Component: MOB-SYC-SAP). As mentioned above, the service marketplace only has the latest version.



    • Thanks Mark and Stephen for your responses.

      I have Agentry Client v6.1.x, but with that I am getting "Certificate received is not found in the trusted list, nor can it be traced to a trusted root." error when I connect.

      I am using Agentry v6.0.22.3 now that we got along with SAP CRM Service Manager installation files. So is it possible to upgrade Agentry client version by applying hot patches? IF yes, Where can I download those updates?

      Thank you.

      • Narsimha,

        Agentry Server is not compatible with Agentry Client 6.1.X (that might be your issue). You cannot use a 6.0.X and a 6.1.X combo. Weird stuff happens. Also our core engineering group confirms they are incompatible. You want to upgrade both server and client to almost the same version. Also 6.0.40+ is iOS 7 base in styles (if you are using iOS), you may want to read this: Troubleshooting: Agentry Styles for iOS 7 support (iPhone, iPAD, iPAD mini and others) .Agentry 6.1.X is for SMP 2.3. For issues about certificates, you can search our KBAs. Most of the time the certificates issue is tied to your client certificate does not match your server certificate or you did not generate it yet. Sample tutorial in this link for Work Manager 6.0 2048221 (Quick Start Guide Work Manager 6.0). The concept on certificate is the same even though it is Work Manager (Clients type like iOS and Android and WPF have different type of certificate process). Hope this helps.


        Mark Pe

        AGS Senior Product Support Engineer