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SAP River: Debugging without Data Preview

Philip Mugglestone from the SAP HANA Academy demonstrates how to debug SAP River actions without utilizing Data Preview.

Data Preview doesn’t allow users to run actions that don’t belong to an entity.  So, an alternative method to Data Preview must be used to debug these types of actions. Another instance when data preview can’t be utilized as a debugging method is when the application’s UI is already written and the user wants to debug by calling an action from the UI. Philip uses an example of this latter instance to walkthrough the process of debugging without Data Preview.

First, a rest client must be set up in Postman using OData.  Philip explains that specific headers are required to call an action with an HTTP post. Philip shows how to add a security header. The user must fetch a X-CSRF-TOKEN and then add the resultant token back in as the value before posting the action.

Philip next mentions that the xxSessionId listed in the Cookies tab is needed to identify which client is actually calling the action during the debugging process.

To start the debugging process a user must open up the debug perspective in SAP HANA Studio. Philip runs through the necessary steps for a user to set up a SAP River debug configuration. Once the debug configuration is set up, a list of available sessions is generated. To continue debugging a user must select the session that matches the xxSessionId from the Cookies tab in Postman.

The final step is to create another special header in Postman that enables the debugging process to occur. Philip enters DEBUG_MODE for Header and true for Value to jumpstart the debugging process in SAP HANA Studio.

Once the debugging process is occurring in SAP HANA Studio, a user can repeatedly click ‘resume’ to debug each breakpoint in the application. After the debugging has finished, the results of the post will be displayed in the Body tab of Postman.

Philip’s video is a succinct tutorial on how to debug an SAP River application without using Data Preview.

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-Tom Flanagan

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