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SAP BW on HANA Questionnaire

If you want to ask some important question to your end user before going ahead for SAP BW on HANA then below questionnaire would make perfect SAP BW on HANA scope document and estimation.

1.What is the SAP Landscape layout? Please provide architecture diagram and documentation.
2.List the systems used in the transport landscape of SAP BW (e.g. SDBX, DEV, QAS, PROD).
3.Please specify the database and version used (If the landscape is using heterogeneous databases, please specify for each system).
4.DB Size (in GB) per system of the landscape.
5.Please specify the operating system and version used (If the landscape is using heterogeneous OS, please specify for each system).
6.What release is your BW system currently?
7.Total No. Of Users on SAP BW
8.Total No. Of Analytic Applications running on SAP BW
9.Please indicate the current SAP kernel and patch versions of the source SAP BW systems:
                   SAP kernel
10.Do you operate your BW system with SAP NetWeaver ABAP and Java in one DB (dual-stack)?
11.Do you use BW 3.X or 7.X data flows?
12.What languages are used to access BW system (e.g. English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, French)?
13. Number of code pages in TCPDB table.
14. Do you have any other non-SAP Data Warehouses?
15. Do you have BW Accelerator?
16. Is your BW system a Unicode system?
17. Did you already perform the BW Authorization Migration to the new BI authorization concept?

18. Do you use NetWeaver Enterprise Portal? (if yes, please specify version)

19. Please specify whether you have a dual-stack (ABAP/JAVA) BW system? (If yes, please specify version).

20. Do you need JAVA deployment after BW upgrade?
21. Are other SAP systems installed on the same server?
If yes, please indicate the available downtime window for these systems (e.g. R / 3, Enterprise Portal, APO, CRM, BW, SRM, XI, MDM).

22. Will your SAP system be available on a 24×7 basis?
23. Have you configured high availability? (ie. Hardware / DB cluster?).
24. Are you running POS DM on BW and/or Integrated Planning? There are some restrictions in relation to the use of add-ons. For more information, see SAP notes 1600929 and 1648861

25. Are you using SEM-BCS?
26. If you use the component SEM-BCS, which version do you have? Please check also SAP Note 1648413

27. Are you using any other IS or add-in that will prevent you from upgrading to SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 SP08?

28. Do you have any other business applications running on the BW that would influence the outage window?

29. Do you use the SAP Solution Manager? If yes, please name the current release and enhancement package status.

30. If yes to #29, Is the EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) implemented and available? See SAP note 1591839. Please provide EWA report.

31. Is your landscape on 64-bit environment?
32. Do you have 10 GBPS server-to-server connectivity?
33. What is the Internet/Intranet Bandwidth?
34. Do you have Disaster Recovery Site/Server for your BW PRD server?
35. Are there any BO reports/dashboards running on SAP BW? If yes, how many?

36. Is the hardware of SAP HANA properly sized?
37. Do you need help in sizing the SAP HANA Appliance?
38. How many SAP HANA Appliances did you order?
39. Please provide the following Information about your SAP HANA hardware (please specify these in the ‘Comments’ section):
No. Of CPU
Hard disk/Details
40. Do you need full-time onsite support after go-live? (note: the RDS post go-live support is limited to 6 days). Please indicate how long.

41. Do you need help in the operation management of the SAP HANA Appliance? (note: this is not part of the RDS).

42. Do you need help in the installation and configuration of SAP BI-Java 7.30? (note: this is not part of the RDS).

43. Do you need help in the installation and configuration of SAP front-end tools? (note: This is not part of the RDS).

44. Do you need help in implementing a high availability solution of SAP NetWeaver BW? (note: this is not part of the RDS).

BW Technical Upgrade
1. Is a Cluster installation used? Any hardware change during upgrade? (If yes, please specify new hardware details).

2. Proposed Timeframe for BW Upgrade?
3. Please indicate if your system has been upgraded in the past (If yes, please state the Source & Target releases).

4. What is the number of named and concurrent users for production server?

5. Are you planning for Unicode conversion along with upgrade?
6. Are the following Add-on components installed: SEM-BW, FINBASIS and SAP_BS_FND (see SAP note 1539356)?

7. What are types of Front-end Usage? (SAPgui Version info, Webgui Version info, Portal Version info).

8. Please describe third party products used with SAP BW systems.
9. Please describe your LDAP usage (Central, Individual).
10. Interfaces to External or related systems ( list major subsystems)
11. Please indicate if there are any other systems sharing the SAP operating system/ DBMS

12. Maximum permissible downtime (in hrs).

BW Landscape / SAP Source Systems
1. Is there more than one source system connected to your production BW System? List the Source Systems + Release:

2. Have you used user exits for transaction data, master data, text or hierarchies?

3. Have you made any modifications to SAP standard datasource function modules? If so to what extent?

4. Do you have non-SAP source systems feeds into BW? If yes, which ones?

5. Do you use the delta handling when possible?
6. Do you use the Open Hub Service? (Remark: With NW BW 7.X it is no longer possible to create new InfoSpokes. You can still use, display, change or delete existing InfoSpokes)

7. Do you actively make use of BW statistics? (Remark: A new statistics concept was added in SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0)

Master DATA
1. Do you use hierarchies? (Remark: With NW BW 7.3 hierarchies are integrated into the BW 7.0 Data Flow).

INFOPROVIDER Comments from client or end-user
1. Have you documented the data model of all your InfoCubes, DSO object and addressed master data?

2. How many InfoProviders do you have?
3. Do you use MultiProviders for reporting?
4. Do you use DSO objects?
5. Do you need to delete records out of your InfoCubes/DSO?
6. Do you fill InfoCubes or DSO objects from different InfoSources?
7. How many custom Data targets?
8. How many heirarchies have been created?
9. Do you use RDA ?
10. How many DB Statistics Data targets are you using?
11. Is TREX (Text REtrieval and indeXing) engine installed?
12. Current performance tuning mechanisms?
13. Number of RRI?
14. Number of workbooks?
15. Do you use time dependent master data as navigational attributes?
16. Do you report directly on the DSO object? Please explain the reporting needs

17. Is the DSO used for operational reporting (line item) or as a consolidation point in the loading process?

18. Are you using table interface? (Remark: Not supported in BW NW 7.3)

19. Are you using MOLAP functionality? (Remark: Not supported in BW NW 7.3)

20. Are you using POS type data?


1. Are you using still the BW 3.X data flow? (Remark: Data Flow Migration tool available with NW BW 7.3). If yes, list the number of datasources to be migrated to NW BW 7.X.

2. Do you make extensive use of start routines and routines using ABAP code? (Remark: ABAP in NW BW 7.X requires ABAP OO).

3. Do you use complex transfer rules to validate or enhance data?
4. Number of individual transfer and update rules to be migrated to transformations
– Low Complexity (direct mappings with very little or no coding)
– Medium Complexity (mapping with some ABAP coding)
– High Complexity (mapping with complex ABAP coding)

5. Number of Process Chains to be adjusted
– Low Complexity
– Medium Complexity
– High Complexity

6. Do you use conversion exits?
7. Do you have any requirements to write your own update routines into InfoCubes or DSO objects?

8. Do you use Process Chains to organize/schedule loads into BW? (Remark: Process Chains must be used in NW BW 7.3. Advanced Process Chain Monitor is available with BW NW 7.3)

9. Do you use selection criteria’s within InfoPackages?
10. Do you use selection variables within selection criteria for InfoPackages?

11. Do you have a need to execute different process chains depending on results of prior steps?

12. Are you using any third party reporting, ETL, scheduling, monitoring, etc. tools?

13. Are you using infopackage groups? (Remark: No longer supported, must be migrated to process chains)

14. Are you using the reporting agent? (Remark: this is obsolete in NW BW 7.3)

15. Are you using event chains? (Remark: this is obsolete in NW BW 7.3)
16. Do you use special mapping routines in several transfer rules?
17. Do you use the “start routine” in update rules?
18. Do you use the “start routine” in transformations?
19. Are using 3rd party extractors?
20. Are you using return tables? (Remark: No longer supported in NW BW 7.X)

21. In your custom ABAP code are you utilizing standard SAP Function Modules?

22. Does the customer have world wide operations and users all over the world?

1. Do you use the BW BEx Browser? (Remark: No longer supported with NW BW 7.X)

2. Do you use the reporting agent functionality? If yes, how many queries do you define for reporting agent? (Remark: No longer supported with NW BW 7.X)

3. Are you using download scheduler? (Remark: No longer supported with NW BW 7.X)

4. Are you using GIS in BEx analyzer? ((Remark: No longer supported with NW BW 7.X)

1. What is the acceptable business downtime?
2. Please list all RFC-MDMP interfaces with name/type/code page handling/language requirements

3. Please list all ALE-MDMP interfaces with name/type/code page handling/language requirements

4. Please list all RFC-SCP interfaces with name/type/code page handling/language requirements

5. Please list all ALE-SCP interfaces with name/type/code page handling/language requirements

6. Please list all FILE interfaces with name/type/code page handling/language requirements

7. Please list number of UCCHECK Errors
8. Please list number of custom objects

1. Do you use third-party tools (Reporting, ETL, Scheduling, Monitoring)?
2. Do you plan to migrate other systems than your productive system?
3. Do you plan to rename the system ID (SID) of your productive BW system during migration?

4. Did you order the SAP OS/DB MIGRATION CHECK Service? The service can be found under the following link:

5. Would you like to use your SAP BW system as source system for other data warehouse systems? If yes, please indicate

6. Do you use non-SAP BW source systems?
7. If yes, what kind of non-SAP BW source systems?
8. How many non-SAP BW source systems and how many SAP BW source systems are in use?

9. How many InfoProviders are intended to convert to HANA-optimized InfoProviders?

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