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  1. Fred Verheul

    Hi Natascha,

    Some great tips, even when most of them are not new. For some reason I still have to follow up on these points, slacker that I am.

    I’m going to try a password tool right now! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and alerting, Fred

  2. Tammy Powlas

    Natascha – very good suggestions – we just all need to remember to follow them.  I am still catching up from your other blogs – still thinking about the Linked In vanity URL, but this blog is way more important.

    Thank you for sharing with SCN

  3. Martin English

    The key thing to these password tools is the ease of use, including the ability to access and update passwords from any device.

    I use a combination of a portable password tool (Keepass Portable) and Dropbox. I have Dropbox on my personal laptop, the family desktop and my phone, and I can download any of my Dropbox files to any device. I have my KeePass database stored within my Dropbox folders. This means I have access to my passwords (and the ability to update them) on all my devices,

    AND they are securely backed up, which means (as happened recently to me) you can have your phone and laptop stolen, but still have access to vital tools like SDN 🙂



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