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Detecting Technical Errors in NetWeaver BPM

With NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.31 SP10 and 7.40 SP5, we are now able to detect and handle technical errors.  Some examples of technical errors are invalid password, unauthorized access, network failures, etc.  The technical errors include those occur in PI.  This capability has been missing in previous releases of BPM.

Why do we want this?  During the runtime of an integration scenario, when we receive a technical error, the integration will terminate with an error message, which we can view in the monitor.  We can also be alerted of the error.  But, what if we want to automate the process so that we can react to the error?  Maybe we want to update a status database or send the message to an alternate receiver or “rollback” a previously updated application/system.

This capability is also needed when we convert ccBPM to BPM, as ccBPM can detect such error event.

To configure this in BPM is quite easy.  I am assuming that the reader is already familiar with BPM.  The steps are as follow:

  1. Create or using an existing “Automated Activity”.


   2.  Select the “Automated Activity” and click on the “Property” tab.

   3.  In the “Property” tab, select “Boundary Events”:


   4.  Click “Add…”. This will bring up the events that can be selected.  Go ahead and select “Technical Error” and click “OK”:


  5.   A new object on the upper left corner will be create in the “Automated Activity”:


  6.   When you hover the mouse over this object, you will be able to select the action you want to perform when technical error occurs:


Below is a sample BPM which uses this feature:


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