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BW Pre and Post Upgrade and Migration Tasks

BW Pre and Post Upgrade and Migration Tasks:

Normally when there is BW system upgrade or Migration to HANA database from XDB, we need to perform some pre and post upgrade and migration steps manually. For this need to go to each of the transactions and execute them providing the required selection inputs.

Instead of executing the tasks manually for upgrade and migration, SAP has delivered task lists which automate most of the BW tasks required for system upgrade and migration.

The below steps contain how to implement and execute the upgrade and migration tasks.

Creation of the task lists.

First check for the Upgrade and migration task lists (SAP_BW_BEFORE UPGRADE, SAP_BW_AFTER UPGRADE, SAP_BW_BEFORE MIGRATION, SAP_BW_AFTER MIGRATION) in the transaction code STC01. If these task lists does not exist then proceed further to implement the task lists.

Please check the SAP note 1734333 which contains the necessary coding required for the task list creation to facilitate a BW system Upgrade and Migration. Also check for the validity and prerequisites in the SAP note. Have attached the task list creation coding files below.

By implementing the following manual steps, four task lists will be created: SAP_BW_BEFORE UPGRADE, SAP_BW_AFTER UPGRADE, SAP_BW_BEFORE MIGRATION, SAP_BW_AFTER MIGRATION. Please be aware that these tasks lists are intended to ease some of the manual tasks required by users. They do not fully replace the execution of ALL tasks required during the different phases of an Upgrade or Migration. As such they should be used in combination with available upgrade guides.

Manual steps in the SAP note (1734333) to create the task lists creation:

1) Download the attached file ZNOTE_1734333_POST_70X.txt or ZNOTE_1734333_POST_73X.txt or ZNOTE_1734333_POST_74X.txt based on the BW release.

2) Create a report ‘ZNOTE_1734333_POST’ in transaction se38 (ABAP Editor). In the attributes Pop-up enter some description and choose type as ‘Executable program’ . Save the program as local temporary object.


3) Copy and paste the code from the file into the ABAP editor. Save and activate the report.

4) Execute the report. The program will automatically create several objects like Package, Function Group, Error messages, Task lists and will prompt you for a transport request. Please use the same transport request as for the rest of the manual activities and the corrections of the note. You do not need to transport the report you have created, but the objects, which were generated by the report.

First execute the report in TESTRUN mode, to check for any missing prerequisites or errors. Then after execute in UPDATE mode. This report will create the task list for Upgrade and Migration.


5) Go to STC01 and check for the taks lists .


Execution of Task lists


1)      1) Go to STC01 transaction code and choose the task and display.


   Documentation is available for each task listed in a task list . Click on button  Capture5.PNGfor detailed documentation on the task.


2)  Click on edit button to add or delete tasks and also can change the order of execution of the tasks . But before changing the order of the tasks please check for the dependencies of the tasks in the documentation of each task.


3) Click on execute button. Then we need to fill the parameters required.


Fill the parameters


4) Have options to execute the tasks in foreground or in background.


5) When we uncheck the mandatory tasks to skip, information will be shown below .


SAP_BW_BEFORE UPGRADE should be executed as when the ASU toolbox prompts the user to actionfrom within Software Update Manager.

The complete execution of the SAP_BW_BEFORE UPGRADE task list is split into two phases. When the task list is initially triggered, all tasks listed prior to the ‘Confirm all end users are currently locked’ task are executed. The remaining tasks require that no further end-user action take place on the system and must therefore be completed when the ‘user lock’ phase of the upgrade is reached.

As such, the administrator must return the SAP_BW_BEFORE UPGRADE task list run and manually confirm the ‘Confirm all end users are currently locked’ task so that the remaining tasks listed in the SAP_BW_BEFORE UPGRADE task list can run to completion.



SAP_BW_AFTER UPGRADE  should be executed when the ASU toolbox prompts the user to action from within Software Update Manager following the upgrade.



SAP_BW_BEFORE MIGRATION, should be executed at the beginning of migration that is prior to the export.



SAP_BW_AFTER MIGRATION, should be executed at the same time point as one would execute the report RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION and can be used to replace the use of this report all together.


Information from SAP NOTE 1734333


The utilization of the task lists is only meaningful, if you plan on doing an Upgrade without Migration to SAP HANA or a Migration to SAP HANA without an Upgrade. If however you are planning to perform an upgrade along with a DB migration to SAP HANA, then the tool of choice should be the Database Migration Option in Software Update Manager, which is currently in piloting phase.


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