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BW on HANA Migration : Table config. for Index is not valid

We have encountered the issues with Column View generation for Info objects after BW on HANA migration (SAP 7.31 SP8, HDB 68 rev)

User was not able to choose the F4 help to select the required input when executing the report


We also couldn’t choose the input from IO table


We were encountering the issue for almost all the info objects

Well there is a temporary Manual Workaround to create column views by using program RSDDB_LOGINDEX_CREATE for an single info object


After we create the column view using the above program we can see the same


We have ran the RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION as part of Post-Migration activity with all the HANA database specific tasks, however we had the issue of table config issue.

To fix the issue we have to implement the correction note “1869218 – Column view generation for InfoObject ” to re-generate the column views

After implementing the note, Execute the report “RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION” to generate column views will then be created for all Info objects.


This has fixed the issue and we were able to see all the column views were generated.

Thanks !!!

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  • As per the note 1869218 , the fix is in SAP BW 7.40 SP 4.  We are on SP 5 now and the issue of "table config for index is not valid"  is still there.RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION was executed successfully after the migration.

    Can you please check on this?

  • Hi,

    W e are in SAP _BW 7.4 SP 8 and we are facing this issue only for 1 info object ( 0MATERIAL ). Any suggestions from your side.

    Thank you in advance!!!!


    Ram M

    • Hi Ram,

      Please check 1845120 and run the post migration job only to generate the new column views for the 0MAT infoobject.