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This blog explains how to hide Help Center, Personalization, Map, Directory and Index options in standard Employee Self Service overview screen based WDA.

Following Options are hidden from ESS Overview screen.

1. Help Center 2. Personalization 3. Map 4. Directory 5.Index


To hide above options following steps to be performed.

Step 1: Make a copy of Component Configuration: HRESS_CC_MENU_OVP by following

Open SE80 -> Open WD Component: FPM_OVP_COMPONENT -> Go to Component ConfigurationsOpen HRESS_CC_MENU_OVP-> Start Configurator -> Copy Component give any “Z” Name by following.


Step 2 :  Open copied Configuration Component by clicking start configurator and do the below customizations by following.

Select Main Page -> Go to General Settings section do the changes as per below.

Uncheck checkbox for optionns : “Enable Help” and “Enable Personalization”. So that  options : Help Center and Personalization will be hidden from  overview screen.              


Select Main Page -> Go to Toolbar Schema Tab -> Expend UIBB ->Expand ToolBar as per below.

Change Visibility property to “Not visible”. So that options : Map, Directory and Index it will be hidden from overview screen.


Step 3: After completion of above customizations, attach above Component Configuration to Application Configuration by following.

           a) Make a copy of Application Configuration: HRESS_AC_MENU_OVP by following

             Open SE80 -> Open WD Component: FPM_OVP_COMPONENT -> Go to Webdynpro Applications

Open HRESS_AC_MENU-> Expand Application Configurations ->Start Configurator -> Copy Component give any “Z” Name by following


b) Assign custom Configuration [ZHRESS_CC_MENU_OVP_HIDEMENU] to Custom Application Configuration: ZHRESS_AC_MENU_OVP_HIDEMENU by following

Open SE80 -> Open WD Component: FPM_OVP_COMPONENT -> Go to Webdynpro Applications->Open HRESS_AC_MENU-> Expand Application   Configurations  -> Open ZHRESS_AC_MENU_OVP_HIDEMENU -> Start Configurator -> Select Row -> Click on Assign Configuration Name give ZHRESS_CC_MENU_OVP_HIDEMENU in Configuration ID


After doing above changes select ZHRESS_AC_MENU_OVP_HIDEMENU right click on Test. All above options hidden from ESS Overview screen Help Center, Personalization, Map, Directory and Index.

Step 5: Configure above Application Configuration in Portal by following changes will be reflected Portal

               Logon to Portal -> Content Administration -> Portal Content -> Content Provided by SAP ->End User Content ->

               Employee Self-Service Web Dynpro ABAP->iViews   –> Overview

              Copy the Overview change below property Configuration Name to ZHRESS_AC_MENU_OVP_HIDEMENU


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  1. Former Member

    Hello Sridhar,

    It’s a Nice blog. But for hiding the Directory and Index you need to make changes to Component FPM_LAUNCHPAD_UIBB.

    Steps to follow:

    1. Go to Component FPM_LAUNCHPAD_UIBB

    2. Create a Component Configuration

    3. Start the Component Configurator

    4. In the General Settings, for Directory and Index change from Visible to Not Visible from the dropdown.

    The changes are not reflecting in Portal when following the blog.




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