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DSAG Best Practice Guideline for ABAP Development now available in English

A while ago, the German SAP User Group (DSAG) released a best practices guideline for ABAP development*. It provides valuable technical content mixed with practical recommendations how to set up and maintain a process for “ABAP quality”. This new guideline for the first time delivered a holistic view on ABAP development.

The DSAG guideline points out common security risks**, describes how to establish general ABAP quality standards in a company and how a QA process should be set up. All in all a great 360° overview of ABAP code quality and security best practices, that enable quality-minded companies and organizations to build ABAP development strategies that are (and stay) state-of-the-art.

DSAG received very good feedback on the quality of the content.

Finally (and thanks to an initiative started by co-author Juergen Wachter) DSAG decided to translate the guideline. Several of the original authors helped in translating the content, with the great support of native speakers and other helping hands/eyes.

The English version of the guideline is in sync with the German version, in order to avoid content mismatches.

It is available at




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  • Hi Andreas,

    Sounds good, another document with ABAP development guidelines. But it's a bit cumbersome if only available as an online flash book (whatever that may be).

    Any chance that this will be made available in a more user-friendly way? I'm thinking PDF, HTML, ...


    BR, Fred

    • Hi Fred,

      You're right, the content is not very handy as a flash book (I don't know what this is, either - maybe an advanced version of facebook?).

      But here's a trick (being traded among people that dislike flash books): If you open the link to the flash book (argh, I said it again), there is a little arrow icon in the lower left area, next to the printer. With this arrow, you can turn the f.... book into good old PDF (Practically Downloaded Flashbook) and all your problems are gone πŸ˜‰



  • Hi Andreas.

    I've noticed that as of September 2016, V2.0 is available in its native language.

    Are you aware of any initiative to translate the most recent version to English as well? Β It's very nearly worth learning German for, however if there is an initiative underway, I could use the time otherwise.