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Change in DLV status in Production/Process order with Different Quantities

Whether for a production/process order has been delivered with partial/full qty can be identified by DLV status. If the delivery happens partially then the PDLV will be activated.

It is not always that when the total order qty is confirmed then only the DLV will be activated. This depends on under delivery and over delivery tolerance also. As well it depends on CNF status.



Created one production order with qty 11 nos. There is no delivery tolerance.

Now confirmed 5 nos in the order and it is a partial confirmation.

The status of the order is PCNF and PDLV.

Now we are going for final confirmation.

The order status is DLV and the indicator is set

So the DLV status will be updated if the header status is CNF. Might be confirmed qty  is not same with the order qty (less than the ord qty).


Created another order where delivery tolerance is 0.

Confirmed entire qty (i.e. 4 nos) with partial confirmation.

Though the confirmation is PCNF (for partial confirmation) as all the qty got delivered equal to the order qty, system makes it DLV. But PCNF stays because you can confirm more component. This option is given by SAP to cope up with scrap.


Created another order with 8 qty and under delivery tolerance as 50%.

Now confirmed 4 nos and with partial confirmation.

Now the order status is DLV. This is because system considers the under delivery tolerance and make DLV though the confirmation is PCNF (as total qty is 8 and under delivery is 50%. So DLV will set at 50% of 8 =4 nos) .


Created another  order with over delivery tolerance as 50%.

Now confirming 8 nos with partial confirmation. Here system sets the status as DLV. As over delivery indicator is there, more delivery is allowed.

Hope this will clear when and with what situation DLV indicator will be set. Seen some thread regarding DLV indicator set and tried to explain in this document.

Will wait for any comment/suggestion .



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  • Hi Krishnendu

    Its a good document which explains the significance of tolerance fields with respect to the order quantity and how it impacts order status,really helpful.

  • Hi Krishnendu.

    Have you had examples where an production order of lets say 45 pcs, is partly delivered 12 and then partly delivered with 24 pcs?

    We have an example of that and the status is still PDLV.

    I've set up our COOIS transaction to exclude DLV and CNF, but this order disappeared from the screen even though it was only PCNF and PDLV.

    Isn't it possible to make partly delivery twice on the same production order?

    Thanks in advance for your input.