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There are some discussions about selecting top N data recently. I have been haunted by the idea. In this post, I will show you how to choose top N data using input controls without building extra tables. In addition, you can specify any integer value for N to see the top N data.

I utilize eFashion Universe for demonstration purposes. I also am assuming that you are somewhat familiar with Webi 4.0 – Rich Internet Application Viewing Mode.

Step 1: Build a Webi report using eFashion Universe


Step 2: Create a new variable (Rank) to show the ranking of sales revenue in the table


Step 3: Sort sales revenue in the table from the highest to the lowest (descending)


Step 4: Create a new input control on variable Rank to show top N Sales revenue

Choose variable Rank as an object to filter data. Then click Next.


Define the input control as shown in the picture below. Click Next.


Select the report element to use with the input control. Click Finish.


Now enjoy the result.

Top 3 sales revenue by SKU desc


Top 5 sales revenue by SKU desc


Top 10 sales revenue by SKU desc



Huu Nguyen

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  1. Former Member

    Thanks for the post, this works really fine.

    But when I save the report and open it again, the Top N Input Control doesn’t work anymore. And more, all other input controls don’t work either.

    We have BO 4.0 SP 4, could this be a problem?



    1. Former Member Post author

      You shouldn’t have any issue with those input controls. My guess would be a glitch on the server. You can try close everything and try it again.

      1. Former Member

        I think I found the problem.

        The requirement in my project was: When the report opens, all data should be displayed. And then the user can choose if he wants top n or not. For that reason, I safed the report without any number in the entry field. And this doesn’t work.

        Workaround: Type 100000 and safe the report, so that all data is displayed when the report opens. And everything works fine.

  2. Sven Oehme


    but I think this input control is not really userfriedly. We use this kind of top-ranking with a fader-element as input.


      1. Sven Oehme

        Hello Thomas,

        yes. If you use input controls in combination with a measure, it is possible to use fader controls. For example you use a measure as input value for a top x ranking.

        Greets Sven


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