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Here is a quick update about the migration of the downloads to the SAP Store and how to find the old titles. We migrated the old packages to the SAP Store platform as Ingvild explained in her blog.

We had a technical problem with the larger files and I am happy that this was resolved over the weekend. Concerning the search, we still have a problem with some redirects, not all of them are going to the right place and I hope this will be fixed shortly.

Important: The store offers the solutions to different countries in different currencies. We offer free packages, so the items are available globaly.

In case you can’t see the item or can’t download just change the country option on the Store to U.S. or Germany.

store 3.png

In the meantime we built an interactive list that will help you to find the package you are looking for and the right link on the store.

What we did:

We created a table “The Software Download Search” a list that is mapping the old SCN Download Catalog items to the new store links. This way you can find the old title and go to the new link. On the left side we listed the store solutions number as a reference for searching directly in the store. The SAP Store solution title links to the relevant store solution.
List 1.png

How to search:

The autocomplete functionality in the search of the table will help you to find the exact item you are looking for.

LIST 2.png

Where can I find the packages:

A click on the + will open the list of packages that can be found under each solution.

LIST 3.png

I hope this list will help you to find the items you are looking for.

In case you don’t find the old package name please send us an email with the old title and link, we will follow up on this to you.


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    1. David Metser Post author

      thank you for your kind words.

      Hi Jelena,

      The Downlaods were part of SCN for the last 10 years and the migration means we still own the packages only on the store platform.

      It is related to all the community and this space is the best place for everybody to see it.

      The downloads are very popular and the audience needs to be as big as possible.

      The downloads didn’t had a space until a month ago and not everybody are aware that we created a space as part of the migration project.

      so no it is not a mistake.


      1. Jelena Perfiljeva

        David, thank you for clarification. I’ve just now noticed the Store link “prominently” displayed in the top right corner of SCN page (in size 2 font, eh?) and connected the dots. 🙂

        Sorry about the confusion.

  1. Ludek Uher

    Hi David

    The one of the pages the Downloads tab used to point to was a sort of a “portal” page to application samples for BI and CR SDK. As well there were report samples, xcelsius flex samples, Data Access Driver Development Kit Samples and more. That is just “stuff” close to my heart. I built a new page (SCN Doc) that has links to the samples now:

    Sample Applications for Business Intelligence Software Developer Kits

    Not sure if any other products provide samples or sample code and how they provide these to their customers? Or, put another way: Using SCN, what do you see as the most efficient way of providing sample applications that use SAP product APIs to the customer?

    – Ludek

    1. David Metser Post author

      Hi Ludek,

      We didn’t own the packages so they weren’t migrated to the store.

      I think you have a good point so I will contact the Store people to see how I can add all the relevant samples they allready habve on the store and link to them somewhere on the Software Downoads Space as well as link to the pages we use to have.


  2. Former Member

    Look’s good to me! All software downloads on one site!

    But what is about patches? Could you provide kernel patches for these releases also on that site?

    I’m especially looking for a kernel patch for “SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 SP6 32-bit Trial Version” patch level 126 or above.

    Could you place it under the node of the related product?

    The problem with patches is, they are only available over SMP to users with the specific download authority. Normal SCN-Users don’t have this auth – therefore they can’t get any  patches.(!)

    Hope there will be a solution…

    Best regards

  3. Martin Maruskin

    Hi Dedi,

    “The Software Download Search” page doesn’t work at the moment!

    This is a trial version of jqSuite for ASP.NET which has expired.

    Can you have a look?



  4. Former Member

    not very helpfull at all .. For 2 hours i’ve been trying to download SAProuter 64 bit software still not luck ..

    Why does SAP make this so complicated !! 😡 continuing my quest for software

    Finally got the software  o …. !#^@#@ .sar … Nobody uses that but SAP. 😕

    3 hours later I finally got my 64 bits SAProuter 🙂

  5. Ihar Partuhalau


    I found links for most of the examples in the list of packages point to “”. How can I get access to this site?

    Thank you,



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