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Creating a transport request in ChaRM and including objects from previous transport with status released

We implemented ChaRM for one our clients last year 2013. This implementation made overall Change Management process very easy and hassle free. Our clients wanted to revisit a project which was developed 2 years ago prior to ChaRM being implemented and now they needed to test those objects. We needed to move this project to QA to see if the previous developments could be leveraged as per present business requirement.  But how do you move objects in a transport outside of ChaRM control?

We successfully provided PI technical testing support to make sure interfaces under project were working as per business requirement. I came across a situation in which Business Analyst (BA) wanted to create a new transport in ChaRM and add all the objects from transports of old development to use ChaRM to synchronize all PI landscapes.

Initially it seemed to be easy as we have a merge option to merge the transports. But the issue was that the transports were released and not in status modifiable. If transport is not modifiable then they can’t be merged with a new transport.

In this blog have demonstrated with detailed steps to create a transport in ChaRM and include all the objects from previous transport which are in released status.

Step1: Login into ChaRM


Step2: You should be able to see the home of ChaRM system


Step3: Click the Change Request Mgmt. menu button to search Change document number.


Step4: We can search using any of 4 available options but using ID is recommended as it is unique.


Step5: Click transport request button and follow the screens below to create a new transport request in ChaRM.



Including objects from previous transport with release status

Step1:  Login into PI environment and execute T-code SE01


Step2: Use the new transport request number created in ChaRM in Request/Task box and click display


Step3: Click on the request number in display and navigate to path as shown below to select include objects option.


Step4: Use the previously released transport number and to include the objects under new transport created in ChaRM


Step5: Previous released transport objects are listed under new transport created in ChaRM


Hope this helps!!!

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