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Two approaches to find the customizing for value list maintenance


click F4 on ID Type field, in value help window there are several entries:


we need to find the customizing in the backend where we could maintain more entries for the value list.

Approach1 click F2 on the field to figure out the technical information:


we know the value help is implemented in GET_V method, so double click on it:


The value help is implemented via callback class CL_CRM_UIU_BP_IDTYPE_1_F4:


Open the class method, we find the persistent table to store identification id information:


use where used list on the table, then we found the maintenance view:



Approach2 we can directly use the search function in SPRO by clicking search button with search keyword “identification”:

There are lots of results however we could only check those in area “SAP Business Partner”. It is quite easy to find the correct one in this case:


Mark the search result, the target customizing activity will be automatically located.


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  • Hello Jerry,


    I read your recent blogs which is your debuggins skill experiences and know hows of ABAP / CRM Systems. It is very nice to share although similar document is available in internet. But moreover I think these are not Blogs rather Wiki material, do we habe Wiki concept still in new SCN?