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Mass Maintenance for Purchasing Document or Master Data

Business Requirement

We know in a Purchase order we have two tables. One is Header table = EKKO and another is Item table = EKPO..

We know we can do mass changes for a particular field to select the field in MEMASSPO, which can be for header table or item table..

But sometimes we need to do mass changes for item field but the selection field will be header field.

For an example :

Suppose we have 1000 POs for several vendors with different different date.. Now organization wants to change the Latest GR Date for a particular vendor’s PO and a particular date range and also it will be applicable for those POs whose GR is pending, the PO which has delivery complete indicator, that will be not consider to change Latest GR Date.

In this situation, we have to collect the all POs for the particular vendor along with document date range from EKKO table and we have to short out these PO from table EKPO along with delivery complete indicator.. And then we will go for mass changes…


Here is the solution for particular this requirement. We can filter and change the Latest GR Date along with all criteria via mass change…

Suppose We have to change the Latest GR Date as 20.02.2014 for vendor KKNL005.

It will be applicable only for those POs, whose are created during the date 01.01.2014 to 10.02.2014. And it will be not applicable for those POs, whose GR already done (Delivery complete indicator is ticked).

We know we have to use t-code MASS – business object Object Type – BUS2012 for Purchase Order or we can use directly MEMASSPO..

Go to MASS and select Object Type – BUS2012.

You can see the initial screen for Mass Maintenance for Purchase Order. Now Select the both line item Purchasing Order Header and Purchase Order Item


Then press execute..

You can see the initial screen will appear for mass maintenance…

Here we have select the criteria as per our requirement.


Click on the option “Choose Selection Field” (which is shown in above figure)

You can see a dial up box is appear in right side…

As we need to select the vendor, document date and delivery indicator option..

Choose the all field from the right side list and press ScreenShot.jpg

{Note: you can find two vendor first Vendor (MASSEKKO-LIFNR) and second Vendor (MASSEKPO-EMLIF), you have to choose the first one Vendor (MASSEKKO-LIFNR). The first field is vendor which is in the Purchase order header and the second field a Delivery address vendor which is in the PO item – Delivery Address..}


Now press continue or press Enter..

now you can see all selected field will appear in your mass maintenance screen..


Here leave the Purchasing Document and Item as blank.

Give the document date as a date range 01.01.2014 to 10.02.2014

Give the Delivery Completed, which will be not equal to X.

To select not equal to , move the courser to Delivery Completed option and press Selection option ScreenShot.jpg

Then select ScreenShot.jpg

Then give the field value X.

You can see the symbol in this field


Now give the vendor in vendor field as KKNL005.

Now our all selection fields are selected as per our criteria..

Now Press Execute.

You may see a message box which will be a processing mode,


You have to press Display All Records.

Now you can see the all PO as per your selection criteria..


You can check the PO vendor, date and delivery complete indicator for you confirmation..

Now we have to change the Latest GR Date for these POs.

We know Latest GR Date is available in Purchase Order Item level…

So You have to choose “Purchase Order Item”

You can see all line items is appeared in this screen…

Now we have to select the field Latest GR Date for mass changes.

Click on Select Field


Now you can also see a dial up box (Little bit same as above dial up box)

Here choose the field Latest GR Date from right side and press choose.


Then press Continue.

You can see the Latest GR Date will be appeared in the mass maintenance screen.

Just give the date as 20.02.2014 in the upper Latest GR Date field.

Then select the Latest GR Date and press “Carry Out Mas Changes”


After pressing Carry Out Mas Changes, you can see the the date will be carried out for all PO and for all line items..

Now press save..

You can see success message for the mass changes, If you find any error, then go through the PO and check the PO for more details.

Now if you check the PO from ME22N, you can see the Latest GR Date is changed as per your entered date…

And you can also check the PO which GR delivery is completed, mass changes will be not effected for this PO, also for these PO which is not relevant to the vendor or the selected date range…

That can be also applicable to change master data like as material..

Suppose you have to material group for some material which is belong to a particular plant and a particular storage location..

For this requirement You have to select the table MARA and MARC and MARD..

We know we can find material group in MARA table and plant for the material in MARC table and storage location in the table MARD.

For this purpose, your selection field will be Plant and storage location and your mass change field will be Material group.

Using the facility of Mass Maintenance, we can save our time to find out the data as per selection criteria…

(Note : I have given an example for the Latest GR date for PO. You can change the all possible fields via this way in Mass maintenance)


Dev Patra

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      Former Member

      Good one

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      Sheetal Premnath

      Hi Dev,

      Thanks a lot for sharing the document.



      Author's profile photo Sudeep A
      Sudeep A

      Hi Dev,

      Is it really a new way? We are using the "choose selection fields" button for years, to choose various selection fields as per requirement. May be new for freshers.. 😉

      Anyway.. keep sharing your knowledge.



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      Akash Prekar

      Hi Dev,

      Thanks, yet another useful documentation.



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      Tapas Das

      Hi Dev,

      It is helpful. Thank you for sharing.