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Lumira Practice: Custom Calculations using Date Math and Aggregations

In this “how-to” I am creating a “days to ship” calculation with the following steps:

1) use a “datediff” calculation to calculate the difference between shipping date and order date

2) change the aggregation to from sum to average

3) create a visualization by country

4) for interactivity, create a storyboard

5) share to Lumira Cloud

First I create a calculated dimension as the dates are “dimensions” in the dataset.


Here is the calculation:


I have to convert it to a measure.


Then I change the aggregation from sum to average:


Here is the visualization of average by country:


Then the storyboard – I include controls for interactivity by continent:


Then share to Lumira Cloud:


Then I logon to Lumira cloud at to interact with the storyboard:


Lastly, I can “explore” the dataset, taking a look at the “Did you know” area:


You can see more of Lumira at BI 2014 next month in Orlando (snow-free).

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