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SAP HANA In-Memory Info Cube

In-Memory Info Cube

  • In BW Standard Info cube have 2 fact tables and 16 dimension tables (13 custom defined, 3 system defined) and dimension table grouped with characteristics shared with master data.

F face table- Write and delete optimizing

E fact table- Read optimizing

  • While coming to BW on HANA info cube the schema simplified to a single F fact table only and link with Master data tables.

In F fact table perform the read and write and delete operations and don’t have any dimension functionality only have packet dimension.

BW on HANA info cube model

The Impact of HANA-optimized Info Cubes

HANA- Optimized info cubes allow to In-memory technology to implement info cubes as flat structure and no dimension tables and E fact table.

It will accelerate data loads, simplified the data modeling, allow the faster remodeling and structural changes.

A HANA-optimized Info Cube is a standard Info Cube which optimized and persisted in the SAP HANA database. It provides all features and functions of previous Info Cubes.

A HANA-optimized Info Cube consists of the following components:

F fact table

Packet Dimension

Master Data SID’s

Properties of In-Memory Cube

  • All newly created info cubes are optimized for HANA
  • The only Dimensional Table Present is Package which holds the necessary Technical Information of the Cube.
  • Faster Data Loads as there no Dim Id’s
  • No need of line time and cardinality dimension
  • No need of BIA Accelerator.
  • Assignment of characteristics is a sorting option for query creation
  • All SID’s are directly written to the F fact table
  • BW accelerators functionality is incorporated within the HANA data base
  • Fast data loads and 80% time reduction
  • Faster structural changes.

Steps for How to convert Standard Cube to In-Memory Cube

Select info cube -> right click -> change mode

Below screen will appear- it is a standard info cube

Go to extras menu -> select information (logs/status)

Below screen have fact tables (E, F tables) and dimension tables (16 tables)

Now converting to standard cube to HANA Optimized Cube

Select the go to menu -> select the conversion to SAP HANA- Optimized

It will select the standard cube convert to In-Memory Cube

After activating In-Memory cube only F table and Data packet dimension.

Hope it will help for beginners.

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