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How to create the Attribute view in SAP HANA

Now we are discussing the how to create the Attribute in SAP HANA studio.

In SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, attribute views are like Dimension, but with difference is that attribute views are fully reusable throughout the system and not stuck up to a single model.

            Attribute view – Dimension

            Analytical View – Info cube

            Calculation View- Multi provider

Create a new attribute view based upon the expanded information for the products.

Now let us start the how to create the Attribute View

Here explaining the tables about Product, texts, business partner and addresses tables

This will require joining the products, texts, business Partner and addresses tables.

Right click on the models package and create select models New>Attribute View.

Create an Attribute Name, AT_PRODUCTS and click on finish

Add the table at Data foundation view

You can drag and drop them from the SAP_HANA_EPM_DEMO Schema.

Add products, business Partner, addresses and texts table to your data foundation.

By clicking on the dot that you see next to the column name, add Product Id, Price, Currency, Type Code, and Category from the products table and Text from texts table to the output.

Note: The grey dot should be orange when the column is added to output.

Change the Column name Text to Product Name

Note: you can also change the Name along with Label in the properties tab.

Drag and drop the Name Id column from the products table to the Text Id column of the texts table. Change the Join Type to Text Join and select Language as the Language Column.

Create an Inner, 1: N join between Supplier Id of the product table and the Partner Id column of the business Partner. Add Partner Id and Company Name to the output from business Partner table.

Add an Inner, 1:1 join between the Address Id of the business Partner table to the Address Id of the addresses table. Add the City, Postal Code, Street, Building, and Country columns of addresses to the output.

Save and activate your model

Select Attribute View-> right click -> Data Preview.

In the data preview there are many tools for performing analysis on the view data. For an initial test choose Raw Data

Hope it will help for Beginners.

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  1. Former Member


    I am getting error while activating saying ” Repository: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension; No central table found. No attribute has been specified as a key.”

    Please advice if any of you got this error. Thanks!


    1. Phani KV Post author

      While activating attribute view select key in the properties tab

      one key filed mandatory while activating attribute view


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