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Author's profile photo Lisa Teore

Customer Service Is the Heart of Marketing

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With Cupid soon to shoot his arrows, spreading love to many on Valentine’s Day, it makes me wonder if companies are shooting Cupid’s arrows year-round to their customers. Are you showing your customers’ the love they require? Are you listening, engaging, and resolving customer issues, anytime and on any  device?

And is your marketing team sending Cupid’s arrows to the customer service team? Customers have made it quite clear that customer service can no longer be an unsatisfactory experience or even an OK experience. They have shown they are quite willing to change and will let their friends, family, and fans know about it.

Can customer service excellence drive customer love?

Customer service has become the heart of marketing.  It has become one of the most important drivers of revenue! These two statistics from the recent American Express Customer Service study show how customer service can both increase AND decrease revenue.

– 66% of customers are willing to spend more with companies who provide superior customer service. +$+

– 55% of customers have bailed on a transaction due to bad service. -$-

Hmmm… Revenue and loyalty are sandwiched right between poor service and service excellence. So, riddle me this. If someone has decided that they will no longer deal with your company, does it matter that you sent them the right offer, at the right time, and on the right device? I think not. And yet, service excellence can not only increase revenue from that one customer, many times it moves that customer to an advocate, who is now “talking” on a variety of channels about the wonderful service and products you offer. Now, that’s priceless marketing!

So on this Valentine’s Day, let’s capture Cupid and keep him year-round, sending love and appreciation to your customers as well as to the marketing and customer service teams. The market has changed. Only when customer service is the heart of marketing, will you reach your marketing and revenue objectives.

Customer Service Excellence = >Happy customers => Brand Advocates = Loyalty + Increased Spend = Marketing Objectives


Lisa Teore, a senior marketing director at SAP, helps customer service professionals deliver service excellence and create brand advocates. Follow Lisa on Twitter.

Use this link to see the full American Express Study.  In customer service, as in life, the best connections are personal connections. Watch the video>

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      Author's profile photo Siva kumar Devana
      Siva kumar Devana

      Hi Lisa,

      This is a very very basic Fundamental thumb rule which needs to be followed by each and Every company otherwise there won't be any referral business or growth prospects in this present fast and sophisticated consumer world.


      Siva kumar.

      Author's profile photo Lisa Teore
      Lisa Teore
      Blog Post Author

      Exactly Siva -- a fundamental requirement



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Lisa,

      Yes I agree.

      If there is not proper Marketing >> then >> there is no proper Business >> If there is no proper Revenue >> then >> there is no proper Revenue >> If there is no proper Revenue>> then >> there is no proper employment.

      Nice one. Keep up the good work


      Hari Suseelan

      Author's profile photo Lisa Teore
      Lisa Teore
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Suseelan.   Much appreciated!

      Author's profile photo Johan Winkelmans
      Johan Winkelmans

      Hi Lisa,

      You are 100% right!

      But it would be great if SAP would apply this common sence to its own customer service.

      I'm using the SAP service marketplace already for more than 10 years and I only can say that this service can be improved a lot.

      First of all it takes sometimes weeks before a problem gets a reply. It takes often many weeks/months before someone can solve the problem because it takes a long time before a real expert handles the customer messages. There are many friendly and nice people on OSS from many far away countries, but when we have a technical problem we need someone that is capable of solving the problem.

      Also the stability of the service market server platform can be improved a lot. The different servers restart often and the customers loose the connection to the marketplace.

      As a technical engineer I need information to do my job. I see more and more notes that are kept unavailable for a long time, so sometimes I gets really difficult to solve problems. The quality and availability of good manuals is also a problem. Downloading files takes a long time because the SAP servers are too slow to deliver huge files.

      Sometimes I get the impression that SAP is not driven by technology anymore, but only by marketing and sales strategy.

      I hope that your nice blog can convince your collegues which are responsable for the service marketplace to improve this important customer service.


      J. Winkelmans

      Author's profile photo Lisa Teore
      Lisa Teore
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Johan,

      Thanks so much for your reply.  I do appreciate the feedback.   Please continue to reach out to the OSS team.   I will check within the company to see who  is most appropriate to receive your comments.

      Again thank you for reaching out.

      Kind regards,