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Perceived Value vs True Value

Have you ever thought that something you payed for did not live up to expectations whether a good or a service, or have you felt deceived by a seller?  I have, because of perceived value. Perceived value is the veil that sellers project to a consumer, the value that is never really seen. Look at most late night info-commercials and you see this.  Products don’t seem to work as well or project the same kind value as we see at first glance  Furthermore, take a look at fast food advertisements, where the food looks perfect on television or in an ad, but when you get it yourself the food doesn’t resemble perfection at all.  Perceived value is suppose to amaze the consumer, giving them that “I have to have that mentality”.  What is missing however in so many areas of business is true value to the consumer.  I feel true value is especially paramount in SAP Retail. It is quite understood that the bottom line is important.  SELL,SELL, SELL is suppose to equal MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, but what must be understood is that as people who are selling services in SAP industry, whether it is retail implementation, business analytics, etc.. the true value to the consumer must be kept in mind.  In offering products and services we cannot afford to cut corners, or not put our full effort into giving our consumers what they need and want. A company can be affected in a variety of different ways based on SAP services paid for which also impacts their bottom line as well.  A happy customer keeps coming back, but for them to come back, our services have to be up to standards, our approach has to be clear, and our engagement with consumers has to be stellar so consumers know that the service they are getting is not only great, but the people behind it have their best interests at heart, and truly want to help and give them true value in the end with 100% satisfaction.

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      Warren Nash

      Simple answer marketing and sales do this to the customer because 80% of customers are turned on by feelings and what they can see.  Also a certain % of customers are impulse buyers or are followers of a "trend".

      Why would a retailer change when the world follows this path.  As I was told once "if you can sell ice to an eskimo then your a good salesperson" ... it's all about deception!!