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Fixing the pesky error: “Internal error occurred while calling function module RP_ANSAL_FROM_WAGETYPE”

So for those whose primary focus is more Personnel Administration and less Compensation or Payroll, I wanted to share with you some findings while I was working with IT0008 – Basic Pay.

Let’s start with basic configuration of the feature.  I find that a common setting of the TARIF feature is to load null for the Pay Scale Type and Pay Scale Area so that you can get the proper remuneration type to present correctly.   Using Null instead of a defined set allows us to:


  1. Enter our values as we create the infotypes via batch or manual without having to define an IT1005 – Planned Compensation on positions that we may not longer be supporting in the go-live design, or
  2. Have the go-live positions default the value without worry that the feature will pre-populate something even if the position (or job) were accidentally left without the proper values in IT1005 – Planned Compensation.


There are several configuration points after this for the Planned Compensation and Wage Type portions of the Basic Pay infotype, however, I wanted skip ahead to creating one.

When SAP opens a new IT0008 – Basic Pay, as you can see below, the currency next to the wage types could be left blank.  This is because SAP delivered functionality validates against the Pay Scale Type and Pay Scale Area to get the currency.  Even if you enter after load, the validation is complete and this is when you will get the Internal error occurred while calling function module RP_ANSAL_FROM_WAGETYPE error.


It seems to me that this error occurs mostly when one of two situations happens:

    1. You are integrated with OM but are creating an IT0008 – Basic Pay prior to the IT0001 – Organizational Assignment record that has a valid position number, or
    2. You are converting historical IT0008 – Basic Pay records without converting historical position assignments.

Whatever your situation, it seems the same error likes to show itself when we least understand why.

The fix:

Unlike most tables where “null” is not a valid key, for V_T510F_B  it is. So all we need to do is configure for the null Pay Scale Type and Pay Scale Area.  The SPRO path is also Personnel Management à Personnel Administration à Payroll Data à Basic Pay à Define hourly rates with several decimal places –> Check and change view “Assign pay scale –> currency”


Now with the same date and the above in place, the currency presents and the error will not occur.


Once the data is entered, the infotype will calculate and save properly:


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