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BRF+ Transport Analysis

Due to the large number of elements involved within a BRF+ application, the dependencies amongst the objects, and the multiple times that an object may have to be activated or de-activated, a situation may often occur where inconsistencies will result in the transport. Some inactive object may be present in the customizing transport or an object that was deleted and had other dependencies, might be present in the transport. In such cases, the transport will get into a lock status when it is released.

Unfortunately, the log for the transport will not show any entries as it is not captured at the application level. The transport has not been released by the system as it ran into the errors.The OS level logs can be verified by basis administrators and they will show the inconsistencies in the transport.To avoid facing the issues above, it is a best practice to utilize the transport analysis tool before releasing any BRF+ related transport.

The transport analyzer tool can be accessed using a BRF+ administrator role and selecting ‘Transport Analysis’.

Five main areas of importance are highlighted in the screenshot; the details of each number are provided in the list below.


1. This option lists down all the transports under a user id specified in the section highlighted in #2 in the screenshot.

2. This input field allows to select a relevant user ID responsible for the transport requests

3. The column titled ‘Name’ lists down all the BRF+ components present in the transport request. Using this comprehensive list, each component can be analyzed in detail. The links open up the component specific information and each can further provide additional version history details.

4. The column ‘Object State’ shows a typical graphical icon display of the object status i.e. if it is active or inactive.

5. The ‘Error Status’ column highlights if there is an error or a warning associated with the object.

6. The ‘Check and Correct’ option allows activating all the objects within the transport and ensuring the transport entries are consistent.

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