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Adobe form Password protected with Java script

Summary:  Password protection for Adobe Form with Java Script


1.Go to Transaction SFP


2. Create a form

Create a Form.jpg

3. Go to Layout and create a text on Master page as shown below

Decalre Text.jpg

4. Create Password check for adobe form

->Go to the Initialize event of DATA as shown below

Write Java code.jpg

->Write down below code

//Decalre variables
var a=1;
var b=2;
var password;

//Prompt for password from user to open the adobe form
password =“Enter the Password”,”The title”,”123″);

//Check for Correct password
if (password == “123”)    // In this case Password id hard coded to 123
{“Right password”,”You Know right”,3,0);
  a = 1;
  b = 1;
{“Wrong password”,”You know ur Wrong”,1,1);
  a = 1;
  b = 2;
  password =“Enter the Password”,”The title”,”123″);
while( a != b );

5. Now execute the form

  -> Do not forget the mark Fillable of Form I/P as ‘X’

Test form.jpg

Mark Fillable.jpg

and execute.

Now, Adobe form will ask for password as shown below

Fill pop for password.jpg

Till correct password is enetered this pop up will appear. We can download this form and try to open still password protection will be vaild.


->Password is harcoded, I do not how to check with an value from table or rule dynamically

->I ain’t any good in Java scipt, hence could not hide password ( genrally it works with form calc)

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