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1.     Concept

In a standard development cycle, all the BI content is created in an “Origin” (Dev) system and then moved to other environments. The main challenge faced in this process is updating the Database credentials as per the destination environment.

To overcome this challenge in BI 4.0 we have Promotion Management Overrides. It was present in BOE 3.1 and was known as LCM Mapping. However in BOE 3.1, Mapping was LCM job specific but in BI 4.0 the Overrides are system specific.

You can modify the database credentials for OLAP Connection, Universe Connection, QAAWS Connection and Crystal Reports.


Following is the generalized workflow of LCM Overrides. Database credentials for the entire object in the subsequent LCM jobs will be modified as per the overrides set.


2.     Procedure

Below are the detailed steps with screen shots for the above workflow.

a)     For Movement from Dev to QA

  1. Login into CMC àPromotion Management in Development System.
  2. Click on “Setting “and browse to “Manage Systems”


3. Highlight the System from which all the content would be migrated to other environments. In most cases it would be the Dev System. Check the “Mark as Origin” box.


1.      4. Save the changes.

2.      5. Browse to “Overrides Settings”.


1.       6. Login into the “Origin” CMS and Scan for Overrides.


1.       7. Once the scan is completed, select the particular override which you want promote and change the status from “Inactive” to “Active” and save the changes.

1.       8. Select the Override which needs to be promoted and click on “Promote Overrides” button.


1.       9.In the subsequent screen, select the required destination server (QA system) and click on “login”. Enter the credentials of “Destination CMS”. The “Export” button will be replaced with “Promote” button. Click on “Promote” to complete the Promotion.


1.       10. Log off from the “Origin CMS” and Login into the “Destination CMS” and again scan for Overrides.


1.     11.  We should see the Override which we promoted from the Origin CMS. Highlight the Override and click on Edit. Make the necessary changes and save it.

2.      12. If the subsequent LCM Jobs contain the same “Connection” object, the connection properties will be automatically updated as per setting defined in previous steps.

b)     For Movement from QA to Production

Repeat steps 1 through 12, but mark “QA” server as “Origin” and “Production” server as “Destination” system.

3.     Exceptions & Corrective Actions

1.      1. Object Export through BIAR files

a.       Export the Overrides to a BIAR file.

b.      Import the overrides biar in the “Destination CMS”

c.       Scan the “Destination CMS” and edit the imported overrides.

Now you can import LCM BIAR files with objects and overrides will work as expected.

2.       2. Reverse flow of Ad-hoc reports from Production to Development

a.       Use a different CMS as your LCM CMS.

b.      Mark your Prod system as “Origin” and follow steps 1 through 12.

4.     Related SAP Notes

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  1. Ashok Babu Kumili

    Hello Chinmaya Poopal,

    Perfect document to understand the basic concepts of  “Promotion Mngt Overrides”. Very nicely written articles. Thanks for the examples used.. I learnt the key views. It has been summarized very nicely

    -Regard Ashok

  2. Andreas J A Schneider

    A couple of things to mention:

    1. It seems one needs Admin rights to manage OverrideSettings, or not?
      See SAP note 176560 / 2014
    2. It would be really nice if one would not have to constantly log On/O(ff between source and target system(s). Instead log into source system as well as into 1 or many target systems and then re-map your connections in ONE go, in a matrix on ONE screen! See also David’s great post about this here: Demystifying LCM Overrides | David Lai's Business Intelligence Blog
    3. Finally, the Scan for Overrides does not take into Account the CUID, instead it concatenates the properties of a connection to build a surrogate primary key. I just wonder why that path was chosen, this leads to loads of confusion, when a connection is later changed in DEV for example and then picked up as a NEW connection when scanning for overrides with its own entry…
  3. Former Member

    What about Bex connetions? we have in our DEV environment dozens of BICS connections and “Relational” Bex connections, is there any way to modify easily the connection parameters?

    1. Xavier Hacking

      Yes we also have a lot of Webi reports with OLAP Connections to SAP BW Queries and we have the same question. Is it possible to have the source for the Webi’s automatically changed after promoting the Webi report so the production BEx queries are used through the production OLAP Connection to SAP BW? Just like it works in SAP BW transports?

      1. Former Member Post author

        Hi Alejandro and Xavier,

        Yes it is possible to modify the credentials for your OLAP connections to Bex. If you scan your source system, you should see the OLAP connections and should be able to promote it as override.



  4. Balaji Vivekanandan

    hi Chinmaya,

    Thank for your doc,

    Under my BW connection, there are two Database Type are showing(CCIS.DataConnection and Common Connection), i need to select both while transporting the webi report? what is this two types referring?


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