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Step1 Create a new form interface in tcode SFP


Click tab “Interface”,add a new attribute QRCODE_INPUT with type string for Form Interface – Import. This attribute is used to hold the content input by end user which will be used to generate QR code. Activate the interface.


Step2 Create a new form template in tcode SFP

Specify the interface you created in step1 as its interface:


In Context tab, drag the attribute QRCODE_INPUT to form Context:


Click tab “Layout”, drag a QR Code control from Adobe Form Designer Object Library:


Specify its data binding from context attribute which we drag from form interface in step2:


activate the form template.

Step3 Create a new ABAP webdynpro

It has one text edit which allows end user to input some string which will be used to generate the QR code, a button to trigger the PDF generation, and an interactive form element to display the rendered PDF with QRCode.


Select the interactive form element, maintain the template source with ZPF_GRCODE we created in step2, choose Yes to let framework to generate the necessary context for us:


Bind the text edit to the automatically generated context attribute:



type some test string and click Generate button, the generated QR code is displayed in the interactive form element.


and I can use the QRCode scanner installed in my cellphone to parse the QRCode successfully.


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Jerry,

    This was an awesome tutorial. This helped a lot. Thanks for sharing this. There seems to be a small problem with this, when I am trying to generate QR codes for URLs which has lengthy strings ( i.e more that 155 chars), QR code is not generated. Is there a way by which we can resolve this issue?



    1. Jerry Wang Post author

      Hi Riswan,

      there might be some technical limitation on the Adobe QRCode control. As currently the ADS in my server is down, I could not do more testing on it. I suggest you create an internal ticket to CSS component XX-PART-ADB-IFM also write mails to the responsible colleagues there. They have enough expertise to help you.

      Best regards,


  2. Former Member

    Hi Jerry,

    Thanks alot for sharing the tutorial.

    I have small doubt can you please share your knowledge.

    1. If i created QR code has you mentioned above. Once QR code get generated how do i print the QR code into “ZPL” printer?? need steps to print the QR code..

    Thank You.




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