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SAP HANA and a Beginners

Everyone has to start somewhere. And yes, me to an a SAP HANA beginner… Good news here is that we have a unlimited information and learning opportunities about SAP HANA.

Here i have gathered some information to make SAP HANA beginners life easy… you can have look on below given pointers
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Look for

When i started my SAP HANA learning, first thing came to my mind is HOW DO I LEARN?? Need a Mentor, attend trainings… exactly NO. These can give you help up to certain level but for sure we can’t rely totally on them. Only thing always help full for you is.. yes.. Internet like SAP HANA different web channels like


Now you have enough understanding of what and why… So now its time to stop looking and start up with the study… Here is few channels which you can choose for your study


All of first what else you have to do is register with below sites if not yet done… You can find many hana talking forums and Of Course you can get clarify doubts as well

Here is some channels which can really help you up in start of hand-on


If you/your company having a SAP license and implement SAP HANA.. with that you get access to more resources

For any kind of product error, don’t be afraid to report the incident so SAP Support can analyze the issue

Hope this collection give you decent idea now… don’t forget to bookmark this blog 🙂

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