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Alerts Webi 4.x Chart – A second approach


I would like to share a trick about setting ‘alerts’ on a webi 4.x Chart.

this has been wisely covered by Sateesh Kumar in Alerters in Webi 4.0 Charts, 

I would like to offer a second approach.  

Consider the following cenario :

A query over e-fashion that gets State and Sales Revenue , the requirement is to show these values in a Column chart so that , (if sales revenue]/1,000,000) the bar chart should be red, if the value is between 3 and 7, yellow, otherwise green.

So , this is how thew bar chart should be shown

bar chart.jpg

These can be accomplished by usnig a stacked Columnr chart instead of a simple Column Chart.

Create n measure variables, one for each desired color (in our case will be 3)

[red] = If([Sales Revenue]/1,000,000 < 3;[Sales Revenue])

[yellow] = If([Sales Revenue]/1,000,000 Between(3;7);[Sales Revenue])

[green] = If([Sales Revenue]/1,000,000>7;[Sales Revenue)

Then set your chart to stacked column chart and assign each measure variable as an Value axis.

bar chart2.jpg

It will render the chart with the defined pallette. In order to change the color without changing the original pallette, do as follows :

bar chart 3.jpg

1  Click, on the legend, in the color to be alteres;

2 – Choose Formatting->Font->Style;

3 – Choose Background Color;

4 – Choose the desired color.

Repeat this process for the  other colors.



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