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Employee Photographs Mass Uploading to Backend System (ECC)

Hi Friends,

Below session explains you ” How to Upload Employee Photographs to SAP ECC System” with a standard program help.


  • Content Server need to be defined, activation from SICF and necessary configurations by Basis Consultant to Store photographs.
  • If you wanted to display the employee photo on transaction PA30 screen, you need to be done with Screen Header Configurations in Personnel Administration.

Please go through the Video Tutorial below:

Thank you,

Srikanth Naidu

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  • Nice way of doing it. I think myself and many others have had to do almost the same exact thing in the past. The problem with providing some "standard" way for people to use is that normally it comes down to (1) people/companie name their file differently....if at all standardized to begin with (2) image locations aren't always consolidated (3) companies need also an "ongoing" maintenance solution (not just "mass load") for things such as their building security people to upload photos when new employees come in or new badges are needed. Sooooo it is tough to have a "one solution fits all" app. Yours is nice and from the video, looks well thought out. My only negative comment would be that with the "spirit of community" of SCN, it would have been nice if you shared the code (or at least main snippets) rather than all on video. Overall though, nice...and hopefully it will cut down on the "how do I mass upload employee photos?" question that seems to come up over and over and over in the forums! haha Keep sharing and blogging! THANKS!

    • Hi Christopher Solomon,

      Thanks for your kind feedback  Hope can do much with all the support from Seniors.. 🙂

      it would have been nice if you shared the code (or at least main snippets) rather than all on video.

      I Would like to understand your suggestion above, could you please be more clear on above statement so that I can take care in next blogs. Once again thanks for your cheering words.

  • Hi Srikanth,

    What is the ideal MB size of each photograph for an employee ,

    If my employee pop crosses 20K , how to can mitigate BASIS concerns for memory issues.

    Pls highlight . may be I am slicing up what  Chris pointed out earlier.



    • Hi Rohit,

      SAP says: You can upload a file in JPG or JPEG format. The maximum size is 1 MB.

      I am not sure about Basis Concerns.

      If Employee try to upload photo that is greater then 1 MB from Personal Profile (Portal).

      Result:  P1.gif

      If we try to upload photo that is greater then 1 MB from OAAD / OAOH (ECC).

      Result: It is stored successfully and able to display the same in Portal as well.

      • hi srikanth ,

        i think u can upload photo from change own data from who's who and the same you can dispaly in personnel profile , kindly try once and check once more than 1 MB also you can upload from there

  • Though late to comment, this one is a good doc to go through and as Christoper mentioned, optimistic that it will reduce the 'Photo upload' questions load in the forum.