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     How to calculate the total amount before and after aggregation?

Product name, quantity and amount
defining the formula at local level

Total amount= product quantity x amount

It will give out put like means total amount not yet aggregated it is giving product quantity x product price = total amount

Now report output but achievement total amount should be aggregated value.

Creating global level calculated key figure

Creating KF at Global level

Here not using exception aggregation

This Total amount KF defined at global level

global level calculated KF will appear the calculation after aggregation

Output should be below report

After un check the calculation after aggregation means before aggregation it will give total aggregated total amount value.

Output of the report now showing total amount was aggregated

Now report out put total amount is given aggregated value.

hope it will help beginners.

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    1. Phani KV Post author

      Hi Pocket,

      defined the global level calculated KF and performing after and before aggregation. that is warning msg and i am not defined the KF technical name.



  1. Anshu Lilhori

    Before aggregation is obsolete in BW 7.X and it can actually drain the system resource thereby causing performance issues.

    Please check this note 1151957.

    Exception aggregation or calculate result as total should be used in such scenario.

    1. Chandra Janardhansudhir Kunar

      Hi Anshu,

      I have few queries with this error message( calculation prior to aggregation not allowed ). Should i just check this box for each key figure, or need to make any other changes?

      Thanks & regards,



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