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SAP Learning Hub FAQ

Note: This blog post contains outdated information. For current information related to SAP Learning Hub, please refer to the SAP Learning Hub Help Center. (August 2, 2019)


What is SAP Learning Hub?

SAP Learning Hub brings the power and convenience of the Cloud to SAP Learning. With the SAP Learning Hub, you’ll find all the SAP training you’ll need is in one place – whenever you need it. And you’ll have access to all of it at a remarkably low price. You’ll be able to take classes, complete exercises, read white papers and work with Online Knowledge Products – even interact directly with SAP subject matter experts and other learners in our exciting new on-line Learning Rooms.

You can purchase a subscription to the SAP Learning Hub on your own, or your organization can provide subscriptions for up to thousands of users. Either way, you’ll have immediate access to a complete library of the most up-to-date and effective SAP learning available – and all you’ll need to access it is the Internet and a supported device. There’s no easier or cost-effective way to learn SAP.

What are the benefits of a subscription to SAP Learning Hub?

When you’re an SAP Learning Hub subscriber, your  SAP training opportunities are practically unlimited. Subscribers have complete access to literally thousands of learning opportunities, including e-learning courses, course handbooks, and delta training, and, of course, our new Learning Rooms (see below for full description), which give you the kind of subject matter expert interaction previously only available in the live classroom. A subscription to SAP Learning Hub also qualifies you to purchase SAP Live Access — additional hands-on practice on a live SAP training system to maximize your learning efficiency.

Will an SAP Learning Hub subscription help me prepare for SAP Certification?

Absolutely. You’ll have access to the official SAP Education curriculum: the same materials that have helped prepare thousands of SAP certified professionals.  You’ll also have the benefit of learning directly from the moderator and other participants in the Learning Rooms.

What is SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition?

SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition is a totally free part of the Learning Hub that still provides valuable learning content. When you register for the Learning Hub, discovery edition, you’ll have full or partial access to more than 120 free online classes and be able to register for exclusive SAP Education webinars. You’ll also be able to interact with other learners through the SAP Community Network.  The discovery edition is a great way to experience some of the benefits of the SAP Learning Hub before you subscribe.

If you are interested in exploring the value of SAP Learning Hub and becoming familiar with a variety of learning assets, you can register  free of charge through the SAP Education Training and Certification shop. Once access is granted you will receive a welcome message with access link upon logging in with S-user assigned to See also this related blog post: Getting access & accessing SAP Learning Hub #SAPEducation

How do I access the SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition?

Once you register (see above) you will receive a welcome message and an access link normally within 2 business days. Please note that you will need to log-in via the SAP Training & Certification shop to access SAP Learning Hub.

I’ve subscribed. How do I access my content?

Please refer to this SAP Learning Hub user guide for detailed access instructions.

You’ll receive an automated email within 2 business days once payment has been cleared providing an access link to the SAP Learning Hub. For Learning Hub access purchased via credit card or preferred card, you will receive the e-mail within 2 business days. For Learning Hub access purchased via purchase order, you will receive the email approximately 2 business days after receipt of the purchase order hard copy and completion of invoicing by SAP. Then to access the learning Hub simply login at and click on the Learning Hub link.

What is a Learning Room?

A Learning Room is SAP’s innovative method for bringing the advantages of a seasoned SAP instructor and classroom interactivity to an on-line class. Learning Rooms are special on-line sites dedicated to a particular class, curriculum or topic. A Learning Room moderator with expert knowledge will post the room’s objectives and guide participants through achieving them.  Depending on the individual learning room, you’ll see assets such as exercises, videos, assignments  and discussion questions.

Learners can participate to any degree they choose – there’s no need to do more than you feel necessary to optimize your own learning. And you can build relationships with the moderator and your fellow learners through the capabilities of SAP JAM – our easy-to-use social learning application. SAP Education schedules Learning Rooms for specific topics throughout the year. They exist for a clearly defined period of time – usually 6 to 12 weeks. Learning Rooms are open to all SAP Learning Hub subscribers without additional charge. And we are always open to suggestions for new Learning Rooms from our subscribers. Further information can be found here.

How do I sign up for a Learning Room?

On your SAP Learning Hub home page, you’ll see a box similar to the one in the image below:

Learning Rooms.png

Available learning rooms will appear as links. Click on the learning room you are interested in.  It will take you to a screen that will allow you to add the room to your Learning Plan.

Can I purchase individual Learning Rooms?

No. SAP Learning Rooms cannot be purchased individually from the shop. They are part of an SAP Learning Hub subscription. Learners can register for scheduled Online Learning Rooms inside the SAP Learning Hub as part of their SAP Learning Hub subscription.

What is the SAP Live Access environment?

SAP Live Access gives you on-demand, live access to training systems from SAP Education for hands-on learning. This environment is only available to SAP Learning Hub subscribers. You can purchase 20, 40, or 60 hours of access to selected SAP training systems and complete the  exercises described in our course handbooks .  Because of the administrative costs of running the live systems, there is an extra charge for the SAP Live Access environment.

To find out what systems are currently  available for SAP Live Access, click on the SAP Live Access link on your SAP Learning Hub home page.


Can customers or partners provide their own branded versions of the SAP Learning Hub?

Yes. SAP Education realizes that customers and partners may have separate branding needs, so we make SAP Learning Hub available in three separate editions:

  • SAP Learning Hub, enterprise edition, offers customers and partners a strictly private environment. They can brand and customize the site with their own logos and colors and restrict access to their employees.
  • The SAP Learning Hub customer and partner edition presents the standard SAP branded environment, but still allows you to restrict access as necessary.
  • The business user edition is focused on end-user related training for SAP solutions.

In all three editions, however, the functionality is complete and exactly the same. In the customer and partner editions of SAP Learning Hub, you receive access to an SAP branded version of the site. These editions are designed for professionals who implement and run SAP solutions for a customer or partner. End users of SAP solutions are encouraged to use the business user edition.

Does the SAP Learning Hub make use of Social Learning?

Yes. The SAP Learning Hub provides social learning through the discovery edition and through Learning Rooms (business user, customer/partner, and enterprise editions only). You can also access blogs posted by SAP Learning Room instructors by clicking on Instructor Blog Posts on your home page.

Does SAP Learning Hub provide end-user training?

The SAP Learning Hub business user edition provides full access to SAP Education’s Knowledge Acceleration content. SAP Knowledge Acceleration is provides job-specific training scenarios, activities, and support materials for end-user training. You can use them “out-of-the-box” or easily customize them for your own organization using SAP Workforce Performance Builder.

What does a subscription to SAP Learning Hub cost?

Full individual subscriptions to the SAP Learning Hub are only 2500€ for a 12-month subscription, the equivalent of approximately 3 days of classroom training. Organizational subscriptions are priced on a sliding scale based on the maximum number of users. Please check the SAP Training and Certification Shop for complete pricing details for your region.

Does SAP Learning Hub Work on Mobile Devices?

At the current time, the SAP Learning Hub is not fully supported on mobile devices. Please watch for announcements on this topic.

What are the technical requirements for using SAP Learning Hub?

To learn about the system requirements for SAP Learning Hub, visit

How do I find out if my computer system meets the technical requirements for SAP Learning Hub?

From your SAP Learning Hub home page, click on the Check System link in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

How can I find classes or other content that meets my needs?

From the SAP Learning Hub home page, find the Find Courses data entry box:


Fill in the topic you wish to study and press the GO button.

How do I add a course to my learning plan?

After you have searched for a course, you can click on the Add to Learning Plan link, as in the image below.


How do I start a class using SAP Learning Hub?

After you have search for a class, you can start it immediately by clicking on the Start Course link, as in the image above. You can start a course you have added to your Learning Plan by clicking the Start Course button.

What is the difference between SAP Learning Hub and openSAP?

The openSAP offering is focused on a smaller scope of select innovation areas, such as SAP HANA and Mobility. The intent of openSAP is to provide a baseline knowledge to a very broad audience who might not necessarily all be SAP users; they might also include people in the ecosystem who will be future members or future learners of SAP. SAP Learning Hub’s objective is to produce people who are skilled in the implementation, operation, and use of SAP systems.

See these two blog posts explaining the difference between SAP HANA and Mobility courses available via SAP Education and openSAP:

How does SAP Education plan to use SAP Learning Hub to reach the student population representing the future SAP workforce?

In a pre-SAPPHIRE NOW 2014 corporate newsbyte, SAP Education and SAP University Alliances jointly announced SAP Learning Hub, student edition. The new student edition of SAP Learning Hub offers a comprehensive library of electronic content that universities can provide to students for self-study covering close to 150 SAP solutions. You can get more details in the following posts:

How can I get more information?

Speak with your SAP Education Enablement Executive, or visit us on the web at the SAP Training and Certification Shop. Please make sure to also check the Help Center on for other FAQ and support. Happy learning!

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    • Hi Benedict,

      Good question! We've added this to our FAQ document so you can now read a brief explanation of the difference, as well as read two blog posts which detail the difference between what SAP Education and openSAP offer for SAP HANA and Mobility learning.


  • Hi, currently looking at the Learning Hub as a possible path towards Hana Application Associate certification, and I have a few questions.

    Let's take course "HA300 - SAP Hana - Implementation and modelling" as an example. Prior to launch of Learning Hub I had the option to complete this via traditional classroom or e-learning (HA300R) and gain a recognition of course completion of said course. 

    Now via the learning hub can I access and complete HA300R and gain the same course completion recognition? 

    Further, you offer learning room "SAP Hana Introduction, Implementation and Modelling".  Do these learning rooms in any way officially include HA300R or other HA*R courses as part of their content thus upon completion the student is recognised for completing the HA* courses?

    I would have the option to complete both HA300R (and other HA*R) E-Learning courses in addition to Learning Room options (even in parallel)?

    You mention the learning rooms "exist for a clearly defined period of time".  Are these times published and available - i.e. I may not wish to subscribe beyond discovery if the learning room I'm interested in has already started or has no remaining availability.

    Finally is there a way for a single paid subscription to be consumed and courses to be taken by more than one individual, say 2 colleagues sharing cost (may sound daft but I read something about company subscription and potential for 2000 employees to enrol?!).

    Apologies for all the questions however it's a very interesting proposition you offer which I'm trying to fully understand.  Thanks!

    • Hi Jon-Paul,

      thanks for your comments. See my answers below.

      Now via the learning hub can I access and complete HA300R and gain the same course completion recognition?

      >>> When you subscribe to the full edition of SAP Learning Hub (i.e. customer edition) you receive access to all HANA e-learning titles, classroom training handbooks and delta learning maps including the HA300R

      Do these learning rooms in any way officially include HA300R or other HA*R courses as part of their content thus upon completion the student is recognised for completing the HA* courses?

      >>>The Learning Rooms reference the material from the SAP Learning Hub. Thus if you have full access you can participate in Learning Rooms. Course completion certificates can be printed from within the SAP Learning Hub, but remember the only true acknolwedged measure of competence is the SAP Certification.

      I would have the option to complete both HA300R (and other HA*R) E-Learning courses in addition to Learning Room options (even in parallel)?

      >>> Yes the idea of the Learning Room is to provide you support when completing these courses and allow you to ask questions, attend live sessions and collaborate with other learners on the same topic

      You mention the learning rooms "exist for a clearly defined period of time".  Are these times published and available

      >>> All Learning Rooms are scheduled as recurring events in the SAP Learning Hub. We are now running the first wave and will shortly set a new date for the HANA Learning Room to start in April timeframe.

      Finally is there a way for a single paid subscription to be consumed and courses to be taken by more than one individual

      >>> No, the subscription is a personal license where your own training data stored. You certainly may not wish to share this data with anyone else.

      Hope this helps!

      Good luck,


        • Hi Arnold,

          I now have access to the learning hub, have my S-User id and all sample/discovery courses are available.

          I've watched the HA300 discovery and already learned a few things, great!  I'm now considering the serious investment of a customer subscription which looks like a good career investment over the forthcoming year.

          Question for you - call me old-fashioned, but sometimes I like to learn away from the screen, to sit down on the sofa and read from paper.  I didn't see the option, but are we able to print the entire content of e-learning courses (I saw you could get access to a transcript, but this was just plain text slide by slide).

  • Hi Arnold,

    Where can I see Organizational subscription costs. I do not see any 'sliding scales' as mentioned in the blog? I want to convince the people in my organization to subscribe, but I need some hard data(costs/no of users/validity) to back me. On the Course Details tab of HUB001 I see a 'review' pdf which has details of courses/materials available. Where can I get something similar for 'Partner Edition'?



    • Hi Benedict,

      thanks for your comment. You can see the subscription cost if you switch to your country of residence here:

      If you have more than 50+ subscribers you can reach out to a local SAP Education account contact to provide you the pricing details.

      The partner edition includes all of SAP Education's content, we currently do not have this visible on the webpages but will do so shortly. In the meantime I am happy to send you an Excel with all the content pieces if you require this. Feel free to send me a PM with your email address.



  • Hi Arnold,

    Good Day!

    Thanks for explaining about SAP Learning Total hours & Different Edition. I have one doutbt? Is there any SAP Learning course is free of charge ? or we need to pay for each and every training. Please advise.


    Hari Suseelan

    • Hi Hari,

      once you purchased the full subscription you have access to all e-learning courses and Learning Rooms, i.e. not pay per course.

      However, if you require classroom training you can ony find the online manual in the SAP Learning Hub but if you need the physical training you need to pay for this separately.



      • Hi Arnold,

        I understand. Thank you so much for explanation. There is no free course and everything is paid one. Correct me, If I am wrong?


        Hari Suseelan

        • Hi,

          some e-learning titles are free of charge with the SAP Learning Hub discovery edition. Once you have purchased the full subscribtion you can access all electronic content free of charge. Classroom or virtual classroom training remains at a separate fee.



          • Hi Arnold,

            based on your above comment it would be useful to have a clarification between "virtual classroom" and learning rooms, as the latter is included without further fee as part of the full customer subscription as I understand it. Thanks.

          • Hi Jon,

            a virtual classroom is a one to one equivalent to a physical classroom training, e.g. 3 days of classroom for financials accounting is also 3 days of virtual live classroom where you are connected to a live event using web-conferencing/SAP training system access.

            A Learning Room is an online collaboration stretched over 10 weeks with 3-4 virtual live sessions (lasting 1 hour on average) where you have access to content via the SAP Learning Hub, an instructor but no training system. The topics in a Learning Room tend to be stretched over several courses, not just one specific course.

            Hope this clarifies.



  • Hi Arnold,

    I now have my customer edition subscription.

    Looking at, the latest version of HA300E is based on Hana 1.0 SPS06, see screenshot below:


    However the latest version of HA300E I can find in the learning hub is based on SPS05. This is E-Learning HA300E_en_98 (rev.1 12/1/2013).  Note I filtered by "E-Learning", see below:



    The latest available version of all E-learning courses should be available on the learning hub, so as a customer subscriber should have access to the SPS06 version, correct?

    Or is it a case of an older "e-learning" video supported by a later edition handbook?  Incidentally I find this list rather confusing, as they all seem to have the same revision date, just the "col9x" suffix is different.  It would be great if there was an indication on the main course description of the applicable hana revision/release date, rather than having to drill into each one to find out.


    Many thanks in advance of any help you can offer here.


    • Hi Jon-Paul,

      many thanks for your feedback. You are absolutely right, the latest version of all e-learning courses including this one should be there. I will have our technical team address this quickly so it should be there shortly.

      You are right regarding the collection information and which SP/SW release the course is mapped to. We are working currently on enhancing this view and make it easier to determine from a learner perspective.



        • Hi Jon-Paul,

          the technical teams are on the case and the content is being added. It will be available in the next few days. Thanks for your understanding.



          • Hi Arnold.

            My learning hub customer edition was purchased 23/02/2014. 

            8 days later I am still without latest version of the Hana E-learning courses. 

            Or to put it another way, a lost weekend of study opportunity towards scheduled certification exam with £40 of my £2100 subscription down the drain, without a resolution in sight and exam date creeping closer.

            Incredulous at this oversight on SAP's behalf - if SAP are asking a yearly subscription of £2100 from an individual they need to up their game.  I have contacted Customer Services UK but as this is a global product offering they may be limited in resolving.

            Hoping my faith in Learning Hub can be restored (soon).

          • Hi Jon-Paul,

            sorry to hear.

            I am on the case and assumed this was done last Friday. I have followed-up now and will get back shortly. I agree this should not be the case and sorry you have lost a weekend of studying. We will happily extend your access for the time you had to wait.

            Kind regards,


          • Hi Arnold,

            As of this morning I still do not have access to the latest versions of Hana E-Learning.

            Has the issue been identified and being worked on?  Any ETA for resolution?

            If this continues for much longer I will be forced to reschedule my booked certification exam, not good.



  • Hi Arnold, you may just live to educate another day!  I now see an additional course listed for HA100E, HA300E and HA350E.  These are suffixed en_99(revision date shows 12/01/2013 ?).

    On the en_98 courses the release version is clearly indicated in subject area.


    On the en_99 courses we don't have subject area.


    Any way to be sure the en_99 courses are the latest? Can you confirm they are? Plans to update en_99 with subject area details? Thanks.

  • Hi,

    I have the SAP Learning HUB Discovery Edition access. Can I try out SAP Live access with this? Also is SAP Live access available for SRM

    • Hi Swati,

      unfortunately SAP Live Access is only available to purchase once you have a full subscription to SAP Learning Hub. You will find a list of courses available for SAP Live Access via this URL. We currently do not cover SRM, but some SCM courses only with SAP Live Access. Regards, Arnold

  • Hi Arnold,

    I have started used the SAP Learning Hub and have completed my first course CRM100e. Due the internet issues I had while doing the course, the course progress shows as in-complete. (Exited via the 'door' icon at the top right corner of the screen pop up). Tried re-opening many times ...still kept increasing the access count but didn't update the course completion. I finally tried clicking on "I have completed this course" but still doesn't help it either. Any ways you can suggest..??

    Thanks for your reply in advance.

    • Hi Raj,

      for the discovery edition of SAP Learning Hub we currently do not have this feature available, it only comes with the full subscription. Hope this clarifies.



      • Hi Arnold

        One quick question I am able to access SAP learning hub from my system but from the other system i.e my personal PC when I try to access it does not show me all my history and even the courses are not all shown ..

        Please advise ?

        Is there a restirction on this ?



  • Hi Arnold

    I have purchased SAP Learning HUB customer edition. I am sorry to say that it is very frustrating to access the service.

    I have got it activated in the morning and added couple of courses to my list to start later.

    By evening, I do not have access to any of it.

    Please see the error message below if I try to start any of the course I have added.

    Please help to resolve it.

    SAP Learning Hub _ Customer Edition _ Access Issue.png

    SAP Learning Hub _ Customer Edition _ Access Issue.png
  • Hi,

    my question is about discovery edition of learning HUB is free, do i still need to buy it for E-learning course, i know E-learning course comes with a cost.


    please help

  • Hi,

    is there a way to mark a handbook complete?

    Interactive courses are being updated automatically, but the handbooks themselves always remain "in progress".

  • I am going through a course JA400 from SAP Learning HUB. In this course there are number of exercises and corresponding solutions as well. But each solution refers to some links like http://<host>:<port>/sessionbean -> step1.

    What does this mean. Can we not access solutions to these exercises. How to get these solutions.

  • Hi Arnold,

    Thank you for information, nice article.

    Do we get access to an IDES system With the SAP Learning Hub.

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Hi Arnold,

    I have successfully completed my open SAP course "Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud – 2016".

    Now I plan to take "SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Fiori Implementation and Configuration (Wave V)" certification. Is it useful if i subscribe professional edition of SAP Learning Hub for my certification?

    Please advise.

  • Hi Arnold,

    I am currently doing a course on the learning hub within a flipbook. I have a couple questions,

    1) Is there functionality to print or download as PDF instead of viewing it inside the flipbook?

    2) Also there is an exercise where i need to open a link to get access to code but the link  cannot be clicked because of the nature of the flipbook, is there a way to get access to that link?

    Best Regards


  • Hi Arnold,

    Does full subscription includes certification exam cost or certification exam fee is over and above it for each exam taken?

    What is the certification hub? Subscription to certification hub allows take any certification exam like SAP MM or Ariba?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Anubhav,

      Looks like Certification Subscription(CER006) is separate from the SAP Learning Hub subscription. Certification Subscription costs $550 which allows you to take any 6 exams, and in that you can take 1 particular exam up to 3 attempts. Hope this helps!

  • Hi Arnold - Is there a place where I can report some error am facing at SAP Leaning HUB. I have completed MRP Elements - DISC_SCM244_EN_Col95 cource. Even though I have completed MRP Elements and post assessment is also done. But I do not see the completion mark for MRP Areas as shown in screen shot below. apologies if this is not the correct place to ask this. any Suggestion where to post this issue?


    Sridevi AduriMRP Elements.PNG

    MRP Elements.PNG
  • Hi,

    I bought an account for Learning Hub - professional edition, I want to take the following courses, how do I get a completion certificate for them after I learn?

    TADM12 - Technical Implementation and Operation II for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite

    HA200 - SAP HANA Installation & Operations SPS12



    • I found this page:

      Is it all requirements that we need? I'm with the Partner Edge Edition and I'm not able to see all courses.