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Display the change history of an account (BP) more quickly

Many users from sales, service or marketing need to check here and there the change history of an account:

  • You could get a call from a customer and need to check when the data it is talked about actually came into the system.
  • You want to see when the last update of marketing attributes took place.

But what if you wait minutes until the change history is displayed? Or what if you miss some changes?

Consider the following improvements then:

Display of marketing attribute changes in the change history of an account (SAP Note 1970970):

With implementing this SAP Note you also see the changes of marketing attributes in the change history assignment block in the account and contact overview pages. Without this improvement you need to run a report separately for seeing the changes of marketing attributes.

Display of change history with increased performance (SAP Note 623177, SAP Note 1972182):

With implementing these SAP Notes you can reduce the waiting time until you can actually see the change history in the account and contact overview pages.

The SAP Note 623177 is absolutely required to reach the main performance increase. The SAP Note 1972182  can result in further performance improvements, especially in case you use the included feature to display the change history of a specific period of time, for example the change history since the last year. With that users can look much quicker for the changes they are interested in. Often they anyway have a typical period of time they need to look at. With the SAP Note 1972182 implemented they need to select only once this period of time. This selection is kept so that the user never needs to select it again but automatically get the change history of this period of time when opening the change history assignment block.

Please note:

Some companies appreciate the “Display of change history with increased performance”, but have so many changes of marketing attributes that they prefer to not use the “Display of marketing attribute changes in the change history of an account”. At some point of time – with the right SP – both functions are automatically in the CRM system. So what to do? – In this case you can apply the SAP Note 2066671. With this you switch-off the display of marketing attributes in the change history again.

These SAP Notes are available for CRM 7.0 EHP1, EHP2 and EHP3.

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  • Dear Jutta,

    Thanks a lot for highlighting this very cool new features... but for your information I had to open 2 different customer messages because of minor issues when implementing notes 623177 & 1972182. Hope you'll be able to provide new versions for CRM7.03 soon 🙂



    • Hello Nick,

      The SAP Note 1972182 is enhanced with the information you asked for in your first ticket. The other ticket, which is still in process, you can follow up in OSS.



  • Hi Jutta,

    Thanks for the cool Information 🙂

    While implementing the note 1972182, we are getting some error in 'Function module CRM_BUPA_IL_READ_CHANGEDOCS'.Could you please shed some lights if you encounter this Issue?

    PS:- We are in CRM 7.02, using the latest Version of note 1972182.