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Author's profile photo Alessandro Iannacci

1402 – The new incoming Business Activity BO explained

With the new release 1402 the business object “Business Activity” will replaces the following BO in Cloud for Customer:

•    Appointment Activity

•    Email Activity

•    Phone Call Activity

•    Activity Task

The new business object Activity is located in namespace

A distinction of the different types is done via the attribute “TypeCode” in the root node of the business object:

•    Appointment     = 12

•    E-Mail         = 39

•    Phone Call     = 86

•    Task         = 542

The old business objects cause insufficient performance in UI object work lists (OWL) and factsheets. The new business object will improve the performance.

UIs, Service Interfaces, Extension Attributes, etc. will still work. No changes are “visible” for external consumers as the move to the new business object is implemented on backend side. In the UI, Service Interfaces, etc. still the old original business object types will appear. Only internally these are mapped to one single new business object called “Business Activity”.

In 1311 a silent data migration will move the existing data (including extension attributes, FSI, etc.)  from the old BO database tables to the new database tables. This migration will be completed until the upgrade to 1402. Then all external consumers will go to the new BO service provider and the respective new database tables.

During 1402 all solutions will have to adapt their coding to the new BO. In order to support the PDI deprecation in 1402 ABSL calls going to the old BO service providers are delegated to the new BO.

Business Object Extensions (XBOs) need a manual adaptation that have to be done before the upgrade to 1402, this means already during FP 1311, and in 1402 it will be required the “Migration and Delete” procedure.

In the 1402 official guide you will find all the informations.

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      Author's profile photo Vinodkumar Kommineni
      Vinodkumar Kommineni

      Hi Alessandro,

      Thanks for the Info, but how did you get this 😉



      Author's profile photo Alessandro Iannacci
      Alessandro Iannacci
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Vinod,

      I got this because my actual project was in the eye of the storm, so SAP team alerted me 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Superb useful information before facing some troubles and before troubleshooting them.. 🙂

      Thanks Alessandro...

      Hanu K

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Alessandro,

      Thanks for the info. Please advice how can I add extension fields to Appointment in new Activity BO.

      When I simply declare extension fields (in Worklist or Root) in New Activity XBO and add them in SDK UI to Appointment screens, these field are not visible in Cloud UI.


      Author's profile photo Alessandro Iannacci
      Alessandro Iannacci
      Blog Post Author

      Maybe you are extending a wrong screen. If you added the fields in the xbo the fields should be available after the xbo activation

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Alessandro,

      Please help on this. If Account is kept blank for Task creation, throw error on SAVE.

      Not able to access any values/fields i.e. ActivityParty, Party, Customer etc

      Not able to see Account details for Activity in OnSave.absl