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IdM Tools for Getting Started


A lot of the content on the scn assumes you are already up and running with IdM, but as the community is growing quickly now, we see more and more new faces. With this in mind, I thought I’d try and put together some of the tools I’ve found helpful when getting started. I hope to extend this further, with support from others, and add a few other documents in other areas for new starters too.

Directory Tools

For me there is only one I use a lot, and this is the ldap browser from Softerra.

You only need the browser, not the Admin tool, and therefore this is free. The uses of this are more than you might initially think too. I use it for:

  • Testing credentials provided for Directories – AD etc, this way you know if IdM is to blame or not, when you get errors.
  • Looking up Distinguished names and starting points – if you want to add starting point groups, or users as repository constants, you can browse to them using this, and then copy and paste to reduce typos.
  • Data validation – IdM says it updated Active Directory, this allows you to go and check and see if it put the data into the attributes you expected
  • HCM staging area – In the standard HCM integration, this is presented with the VDS in front of it, and no IdM UI, so you can point Softerra to it to validate the data is being staged properly from HCM.

SQL Tools

This can be considered in two parts, Oracle or SQL Server.


For Oracle, you can either go old school with sqlplus,  a command line interface, which I use a lot when I’m doing single queries without needing to look much at the data, for example looking at the provisioning queue. To do anything more significant, I use the SQL Developer as it can syntax check, auto complete, and easily export tabulated data into excel.

SQL Server

This is an easy and short section, as the standard SQL Server Management Studio contains everything I have every needed to work with SQL Server

Performance Analysis

Again, broken down into parts:

AS Java

If you are having any problems with anything in the AS Java layer, then Wily Introscope, is a must, integrated with Solution Manager. I’ve had some problems getting E2E trace to work through the IdM UI Application, but I hope that has been resolved now.


If you have some true DBA’s supporting you, then I would leave this to them and their standard tools, as they will know more than you can hope to learn quickly. If you are working with more typical SAP BASIS people, they will be used to working with the SAP tools, so I would ensure the IdM database is connected into the DBACOCKPIT in Solution Manager. As there is no standard SAP technology content in the IdM database, these tools really help.


If you are looking to do anything with the RestAPI, and you can use Google Chrome as a web browser, you can use this console to test queries, and parameters as well as see the results more easily than you can in just a native browser alone.


These are the tools I’ve found most useful, forming a great basis for anyone getting started, and if you think I’m missing any, please put them in the comments, and I’ll happily include them.

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      Author's profile photo Matt Pollicove
      Matt Pollicove


      This is a great idea!

      I'd reccomend a couple of other tools:

      I like Apache Directory Studio, particularly for DEV environments where you might want to set some directory values directly. 

      I also like the free version of Toad for working with Oracle.