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HCMPAY_65- Certification sample questions

  • What integration to activate in T77S0 for 3rd party remittance
  •  When do you use GCY or PCY in a rule
  •  What rule and processing class carries out the cumulation and storage of time wage types
  •  What is RPDLGA20 used for
  •  What is RPDASC00 used for
  •  Some employees were not processed during payroll run but no error message was generated. What do you check
  •  Payroll results are written in which HR cluster
  •  What operations to use to cumulate wage types with different period indicators
  •  What to add in Parameter 2 of a schema to call a personnel calculation rule irrespective of the wage/salary type
  •  What is required to define specific payroll periods with start and end dates
  •  What operation is used to check if evaluation basis exist in T512W
  •  What payroll result table to check to confirm if an employee data has been posted in Finance
  •  When does split occurs
  •  What feature defaults wage types in IT0008
  •  Customer complains that absences are not deducting from quotas. What to check?
  •  What to check if during payroll run the correct wage type and the number of hours were generated, but the pay amount is zero.
  •  You
  •  What partial period parameters from PARTT table represents planned working time from the work schedule in working days
  •  What is the purpose of processing class 06 in schema XLR0?
  •  Your customer pays overtime to hourly employees. For the first three hours of overtime, an employee receives a 50% premium. For any hours beyond this, the premium increases to 100%. What do you include in the wage type selection configuration?
  •  You want to report on payroll results using the Ad Hoc Query. Which data sources can you use directly?
  •  What is the purpose of processing class 30 (P30)
  •  What operation to use to query employee group
  •  What causes retroactive accounting
  •  What secondary wage type represents incoming wage types from previous period
  •  What function in subschema XIN0 is delivered by SAP as deactivated but needs to be activated during implementation
  •  Correct sequence of subschemas within X000 schema
  •  Function that imports HR master data
  •  What is constant GENAU used for
  •  What does error “Division by zero not performed Calculation rule Z0002****5 NUM=TSDIVP DIVID ANR RTE* BSGRD RTE” means
  •  What does several /559 in the payroll result implies
  •  What secondary wage types are generated during retroactive accounting

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