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Choosing Career : Futurewise Or Interestwise

Hi all,

there may be many contents for the same topic available in this forum, but i have seen many

people still talking about choosing career options by asking to others.

Here is my an effort to raise some points which i come across various posts, because i think

career shouldn’t be chosen by seeing future.

1. Are we able to judge future :

      Very first point, that i wants to raise is that, people always ask “which option is better

    with respect to future”. My point is , we are just a human being, and several technologies

    are in the way to development , or going to be implemented, so we can’t  judge the

    future options right now, because we don’t know the pros and cons of all these technologies.

    (exceptions are everywhere).

2. Which option is better :

      My second point, according to me , each individual has its own ability and limits to work and

      understandings, so asking for any better options, without briefing about it, is like a spoon feeding.

      When you are asking for better options, please clarify among those options , what you knows and

      what are strange for you.

      For example, recently i have seen a post, an experienced person was asking for one better options

      among BW/BI and MM modules .Now if a MM consultant having good knowledge will motivate him,

      he gets good suggestion, now assume that he gets a new post by a BW/BI consultant, providing him

     all the details he wants, from start to end , i.e, how to learn BW/BI to how to get a good job (as nowadays,

      getting a good jobs serves all the purpose). So will the guy motivated towards BW/BI section.

      My point is that, when he  has listened from all comments, he has to ask in which field he will suits.

      Because BW/BI needs some sort of programming, is he able to do programming,

      MM module needs good domain knowledge of material processing. In which place he suits better

      only he can judge himself.

Career Should be Future wise or Interest wise  ?

Summarizing my blog by answering this question by taking some points , if i am wrong please suggest

me all readers. Main questions always remains, which option will be better seeing future.

According to me, don’t choose your career by seeing future of it, choose your career by your passion for it.

  • (a.) If you have chosen your career according to your interest or passion, even if the worst situation will

             arise you will love your work, and will not gets strained nor will gets frustrated. 


  • (b.) Suppose if there is a recession time, and lets say your company has told you that, your perks will

             gets reduced , or you can leave job, in that time if you have chosen your career as per your interest,

              then you will continue working if not having any options in your hand, and it becomes drastic for you

             if you have chosen it by seeing as a future, because you don’t have anything to loose.


  • (c.) While technology is a part of developing and implementing new techniques and technologies, if you

             will choose it as a passion, you are able to work over any tough schedule. But if you have just chosen

               it as a future option, you will gets a lots of trouble in implementing and executing new things,

             although learning new techniques is a lifetime learning process, but for those having interest in that

             fields, finds  little bit easier to work with new technologies.   


      (d) If you have chosen your career interest wise, then you probably able to create useful contents for

           your goals, but it will becomes a hell for those not having interest at all.


          There may be various topics which i didn’t have touched, i will appreciate those points which must

          be added here.


Sanjeev kumar


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  • Hi Sanjeev,

    As you have said in first line in this blog..


    I think People posted his/her query without reading any blog or discussion...

    Even after your this blog, people still post new discussions...

    Anyway, your content is good..

    • Hi ,Dibyendu Patra

      i know still people will post there needs, but for new people when they will be in this

      forum, they might see this blog, so i thing he will surely see and read this post.

      In this way, till this thread remains active, it will be a much needed effort .

      • I appreciate...

        But "IF" the user read the blog before posting his/her query...

        As I have said "People posted his/her query without reading any blog or discussion"

        That's because we found many post with same content...

        They just create an account and post their query...

        • Hi Dibyendu Patra,

          i know it happens, but not by all, there are some people who first see the contents,

          then posted their queries, my post will serve those people, i know its just like a drop

          in the ocean, but atleast anyone gets some benifit.

          I will get appreciated, if it happens.

          Its same like, there are so many people available during preach, but you know bro.

          how many of them gets benifitted.

  • I wanted to send direct message for this but no link between us, so i was not able..

    need some formatting in this..

    Career Should be Futurewise or Interestwise  ?

        Summarising  Summarizing my blog by answering this question by taking some points , if i am wrong please sujjest  suggest me all readers.

    These two i got, please try to use spell check before re posting it 🙂 ..

    And your C point lost its formatting, please check that also..

    Once its done, i will delete my comment too, if you want..

  • I have also found some..

    Just go to edit your blog...

    You can find the red mark for spelling mistake....


    Or just Copy all word from this blog..

    And paste into Microsoft word..

    You will find the spelling mistakes...

  • Hi Sanjeev.

    Nice topic selection.

    but i did not see the other blogs.

    my idea will be the option should be with interestwise and futurewise.(a Combination of both). then only a person would have interest to go upgrade himself for future advancements in the technology or job requirements.


    Siva kumar.

    • Hi Siva,

      thanks for this sujjestion, i appreciate your new point, definately i have to take into consideration. I will work on this topic too.

  • Hi Sanjeev,

    Good Day!

    Nice work!

    I request you to spell check, alignment and font size before posting any blog. Human makes mistake, please correct it. Thats more than enough. All the best!


    Hari Suseelan