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SAP EHP 1…,5,6,7 Activation Process, prerequisite, and Features.

As a part of SAP’s ongoing Improvement in ECC 6.0, SAP releases enhancement packages on a regular basis. Read all Business function carefully , Business function shows you in a convenient way and tailored to your current SAP system usage which new business functions relate to your most used business processes.

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Find out the Relevant Business function for current business Process

Careful! Only reversible business functions can be deactivated For this reason, activate only required business functions In case of doubt, read the corresponding documentation.

Steps 1 – Go to Documentation

Step 1.1 – check technical data


Step 1.2 – Check Prerequisite


If above condition satisfied than go to next step

Step 2 – Features


Read all features and select which one is useful

Steps 3 –   Go to Released note and read that, what effect on Existing data and Existing customization. Make customization setting according to Documentation or Released note.

Step 4 – Go to Business function in SAP Dev server

IMG Screen or T. Code SFW5



Read Display SAP test catalog,  hear you can also find what is new in EHP.

Step 5- Activate Business Function as below Screen


Example of Some important feature

A. GR/IR Report

  1.   List of Invoiced but Not Delivered Transactions

  2.  List of Delivered but Not Invoiced Transactions

B.  Open Item Age Analysis-

1.    Accounts Payable Age Analysis – Vendor Ageing    

2.   Accounts Receivable Age Analysis – Customer Ageing

  1. Time Dependent Attributes in FS00
  2. Stock on Posting Date
  3. Print out balance sheets and income statements periodically
  4. Authorization Check for Profit Centers
  5. Drilldown Reports for Profit Centers and Segments
  6. Assigning Tax Code Based on Region
  7. Foreign Currency Valuation History
  8. Reversal Reason in cancelation of billing documents in SD
  9. Depreciation Simulation Report
  10. Payment Terms Based On Shelf Life of Goods
  11. Down Payment and Down Payment Request linked to PO history
  12. Down Payment Clearing through Logistic invoice
  13. Payment Terms Based On Shelf Life of Goods
  14. G/L wise Inventory report (MB5B)
  15. Record down payment data at header and item level in purchase orders.
  16. Extended Document Flow in MM and SD Documents
  17. One-Step Stock Transfer for Subcontracting
  18. Replacement Materials for Customer Returns
  19. Internal table performance can be increased using secondary index which was not possible earlier.
  20. ABAP Editor adds new feature like code auto completion hence ABAP productivity can be increased.
  21. Crystal Reports integrated with ALV reports – ABAP list viewer can be a source for crystal reports.

And Much More

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