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Rewards Program: SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions

The SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions Rewards Program is our crowd sourcing initiative aimed at involving the wider community of SAP experts especially those outside the organization in the certification process. By writing items (questions and answers), that end up in our certification exams, SAP Certification ensures that it is able to tap into the knowledge base of its internal and external community of experts and continue to provide skills validation. With your help, the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions will ensure that certifications remain relevant and continue to confirm that candidates have the right skills needed for the job.

As very passionate members of the SAP ecosystem, we have developed a rewards system to show we appreciate your effort and to ensure that you are recognized throughout the SAP community.  Item writers are able to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold status depending on the number of items submitted.

A prerequisite for submitting items is that the item writer should be certified in the particular certification. Once this prerequisite is attained, an item writer can start submitting items. The Global Certification Team (GCT) accepts or rejects items based on the following criteria:

  1. An item is original and has not be submitted previously.
  2. An item is relevant to the topic, which is validated by the Certification tam and verified in a technical review session.
  3. An item must adhere to item writing guidelines.


Bronze Status:

To attain bronze status, an author must have 10 items accepted by GCT.  As a reward for attaining bronze status, you will be provided with a free certification voucher and featured on SCN, a social network of professionals in the SAP ecosystem. In addition to the rewards mentioned above, internal SAP professionals, also receive access to the newest courseware even before it gets delivered to customers.

Silver Status:

To attain silver status, an author must have submitted 20 items that make it through the SAP Certification Technical Review.  In addition to the free certification voucher and being featured on SCN, you will also be invited to the enablement sessions and get discounted access to the SAP Learning Hub.

Gold Status:

To attain gold status, an author must have submitted 50 items that make it through the SAP Certification Technical Review.  As a reward for attaining gold status, you will earn all the perks associated with the silver status and a special access to the SAP Learning Hub. As an external author, the gold status membership will also afford you the privilege of taking part in our Item Writing Workshops and Standards Setting sessions.

Other information on our Rewards Program:

  1. Each item accepted by the GCT counts as one point in our rewards program.
  2. The GCT has the right to provide feedback and will not be held accountable in cases where feedback is not provided.
  3. The GCT will conduct an annual qualification review for silver and gold members. Criteria for this annual qualification will be communicated before the annual review.
  4. Collation of points and other reward related issues will be managed by the GCT.

Please note that the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions Rewards Program is offered by the Global Certification Team and is independent of the rewards program offered by SCN. Please contact the Global Certification Team if you have any questions regarding the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions Rewards Program.

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    • Hello Marc-Andre,

      Any SAP Partner can access the Crowdsourced Certification Question web page at: Crowdsourcing Homepage

      Any person with a valid SAP certification and an S, C, D or I user ID can submit certification items. The initiative rewards contributors for items that meet the SAP Global Certification item writing guidelines.  The item writing guidelines can be found on the crowdsourcing home page.

      Thanks for your interest.

  • You may be missing out on some great experience by limiting this to people who are certified in a particular area.

    Many of the older consultants that have 15-25 yrs of experience, (including myself), may not have certification in a given module.  I doubt I'll ever go get certified at this stage of my life and career.

    You might want to consider opening it to people in SCN with certain achievements or awards.  Maybe the mentor's, moderator's, emerald's and diamonds?


    • sounds familiar - the paper counts - the experience not, even it is a kind of measurable in SCN. But I don't want go for gold as this would be a downgrade for me.

  • BTW:  Wouldn't the reward for bronze and silver, (a free certification voucher), be kind of superfluous for many since you have to have certification to submit content?

    I guess it's possible you might want to branch out at some point to another area but I'm guessing a lot of those folks will be well established in their particular field and a certification voucher wouldn't be all that important to them when they already have certification.  Especially a second one at silver!


    • The best on some prizes is that they give me laugh. Like getting a lottery ticket to win a TV when you buy a TV. Or a 200 € voucher for a holiday, which means nothing else than spending 2000 € to make use of voucher. That was the silver award, right?

      I wonder if they need a moderator to identify if the submitted question is just a frequently asked question in SCN.

    • The certified consultants who have achieved Bronze status in the program have used their certification voucher to take exams in other areas of expertise.  Everyone who has achieved this status has been happy with their award.

      Best Regards,


  • Hello Craig,

    Thank you for your interest in the SAP Crowdsourced Certification program. Experience does count in the program - the goal of the program is to include the very latest experience and knowledge in SAP certification exams. With your years of experience, you would be adding a lot of value to SAP and the SAP certification program.  Our goal is to ensure that the consultants who work with SAP customers and partners are a valuable asset to any project.

    The program is new and we want to make it the best it can be.  I appreciate your comments and we will take them into consideration when we review the program in the near future.

    Best Regards,


    • Ok.. I'm a bit confused.

      You say above that the program "is new and we want to make it the best it can be".

      But in the previous reply discussing vouchers you said "The certified consultants who have achieved Bronze status in the program have used their certification voucher to take exams in other areas of expertise"

      If it's a new program how could you have consultants at the Bronze level already that have also cashed in their vouchers already?  That implies the progam has been in place for months.

      I'm not trying to be a pain but that doesn't make sense.  Those two statements contradict each other.  Maybe I missed something?


      • Craig,

        The Crowdsourced Certification program has been in place since September 2013 and we are still open for suggestions to improve the program.


        • Hi Sheri,

          I've tried a few times to participate in the crowdsourcing program but the labyrinth of SAP websites and authorizations defeats me every time.

          When I go to the crowdsourcing website it tells me I have no valid S-userid attached.

          When I try to enter it, it tells me my password is invalid. If I try to reset the password (at SAP Marketplace) it tells me the email address I have entered is not linked to my S-userid.

          Yet when I go to the SAP Certification website and use the same S-userid it tells me my password and email account are fine. I've tried changing the password there but it makes no difference. The Training website wants a SAP Marketplace S-user while it should be asking for a Certification S-user.

          I asked a colleague to try and he had the exact same problem. It's a mystery to me how anyone is able to submit any exam questions.


          Rick Bakker

          • I'll ditto that 3x.

            I've got a bunch of crisp new certification questions I've been trying to submit since January.

            Can I just send them to you Sheri? I'm assuming you are able to penetrate the SAP Certification fortress.



          • Hello,

            If you cannot log into the Crowdsourced Certification Questions (CCQ) Portal, please verify:

            • You hold a valid SAP Certification from SAP Certification
            • If you forgot your S-User ID, use the SAP Marketplace self-service function to reset your password
            • If you receive an error message that states you do not have existing S-User ID or an unknown email for the S-User ID, please check with your S-user administrator of your company or your local SAP Education support office. In some cases, S-User IDs are not active or marked for deletion.
            • If you are still experiencing problems, please send an email to:

            Thank you for your interest in the SAP Crowdsourced Certification question initiative.

            If you are still experiencing issues, please notify me or send an email to:

            Thank you,


          • Hi Sheri,

            The problem seems to lie in the Certification process. At the SAP Certification website all is fine but it looks like my details are also being stored somewhere else. When I try to reset my password it sends an email to where I used to work, when I received my certification. They told me I have to get a new S number but my current employer does not have his own installation. I don't see why certification should be linked to an employer, they didn't pay for it!

            In Paul's case, his S-user expired for some inexplicable reason, even though he received his certification only a few years ago. I think he is trying to get it reinstated.

            There are just too many hoops to jump through, who has time for this?


            Rick Bakker

          • Sheri,

               The helpful folk at asked me to contact SAP Education Singapore about my soon-to-be-deleted S-User.

            I emailed them a week ago, but have had no response.

            I am now officially giving up. Would it be ok to put my suggested ABAP certification questions in a blog on SCN, to serve as practice material ?.. it seems a shame to waste them.

            I do support the 'crowd authoring' initiative, but I fear for its success. Given all the roadblocks, I'm guessing there will be no 'crowd' 🙂



          • Hi Sheri,

            In my opinion the whole S-username system needs to be overhauled and dragged into the 21st century. People don't work for the same company their whole life anymore. There should be one S-user per person and it should not be allowed to expire. Failing that, certifications should not be linked to S-users but to people.

            Until then, it would be useful if you could provide a shortcut for people who have certifications but no way to post exam questions - through no fault of their own.

            Good luck with the program.


            Rick Bakker

  • Hi Sheri

    I am certified in SAP CRM and willing to contribute to certification questions in my skill area.  When I log into  Crowd sourcing Homepage,

    using my S-User ID, I see only 4 certifications that are related to SAP HANA are available.

    Can you let us know when other modules (including CRM) will be made available for submission ?