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Post configuration steps for PI: How to get your PI system on Amazon WS ready to use

In this post I will give you a guide to get your Process Integration system on Amazon Web Services up and running. It will be easier then you might imagine. The first time I prepared my system I was surprised how easy it was.

If you would like to learn about my experience using the Amazon AWS PO system look here.

Let’s get started.

Access your system

First of all, access your EC2 instance using RDP information provided by Amazon WS. After you log into the system you can continue with the following steps. For more information about the creation of the instance have a look here.

Start SAP Process Orchestration

After you logged in, you can see on the left side the SAP Management Console. Double click to open it.


At first your SAP PO system (C73) is not running. Click on C73 and press the start (play) button to start your SAP PO system. After you entered your username and password the system will start. It might take a few minutes for the system to be fully ready. Wait until everything gets green and then continue.

(you can get username/password form here)


(before starting the system, the nodes are grey)


(after starting the system, the nodes will be green)

Post Configuration of PI

Our system is up and running and now we have to do a short configuration to get our system ready for development and runtime. For this we have a Configuration Wizard which does almost everything for you. After we start the wizard we just have to fill in a few information and it will do the rest itself.

If you want more detail about the details of what the wizard does in background have a look here. (sap help document)

Let’s start.

First open internet explorer and log into “SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java”. Address is: http://localhost:50000. From here navigate to “SAP NetWeaver Administrator”.


In the menu bar you will see “Configuration”. Click on it and enter Configuration page.


In the Configuration page you will see the “Configuration Wizard”. In the Configuration Wizard we will do out post configuration. Click on it and enter Configuration Wizard page.


On this page you can select which task of the configuration you want to execute. In our case we will choose “All Configuration Tasks”. If the “Start” button is not enabled then select the Task Name -> “Not executed”. I struggled a bit to get the Start button to be clickable, so don’t give up 🙂 In the end it should look like below.


After you press “Start”, the post configuration process will start. In this process we will have to provide some information. At the 2. step it will ask for the SLD connection information. Type in your username and password. (you can get username/password form here)



At Step 4 you will have to create your own Software Component. Type in the blank fields. For example:

  • Name: testproject
  • Vendor: MyCompany
  • Release: 1.0

Click Next and continue.


At Step 11 you don’t have to do anything. Just click Next.


And you’re DONE. Easy, right? I have to say that the first time I started to learn PI (at the time when I started it was called XI) these steps were NOT this much automated. You had to do much more. Meaning that the possibility of making errors was much higher. Now it’s almost just next next next. I love it 🙂


What’s next?

In one of my next posts I will show how to use NWDS to connect to ESR and ID and show some new features like the integration flow. But I’m not sure yet if I will write it or not. It will depend on the demand. I wrote this blog post because some people asked me about the post configuration steps. So if you would like to learn any specific things about PI just ask and I will most probably write about it 😉

Have a nice day with PI.

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  • Hi Arman,

       I would be very much interested in how to use NWDS to connect to ESR and ID and show some new features like the integration flow..  I would appreciate if you can do that .. Since this is all new with single stack PI , it will be very useful.

    Thanks Raj

  • Hi Arman,

    I've just gone through your blog but noticed an issue - when you choose the "Not executed" node in the task list, it doesn't actually select all configuration tasks.  It only selects the "Define New Software Component Version" task, hence there are only a few steps to the wizard.

    Is this enough to have a working PO system?  It leaves a LOT of other config tasks outstanding that haven't been executed.  Do you know which ones are mandatory to get to a working PO system?



    • Hi Gareth,

      To be honest, I'm not sure about the whole PO system. It is enough for the PI system. I will check and update the blog once I find the correct answer.



  • Hi Arman.

    I just finished all steps , however the PI is stop ,because the server list show me a message "No valid license found".. Do you know about that?PI Server.png"

    PI Server.png