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What’s new in SAP Lumira Desktop 1.15

Hi Folks

As you may know SAP Lumira desktop 1.15 is available since yesterday. Here are some updates and my favorite picks on the new capabilities

Platform support:

With SAP Lumira desktop 1.15, you can now access universes from SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise 4.1 SP02

Usability improvements

Search on Universe class/objects


Free Hand SQL improvements

Show all / Show configured


Expand all / collapse all


Search for drivers


New Capabilities

Associative highlighting of facets

This allows users to get a quick preview of data if a particular dimension value is used as a filter. you can right click to see how it works


Performance improvements for HANA Online

No default measure (distinct count) for enhanced performance


Choose a user defined measure in facets per column


User selection is persisted after save


Publish HANA online stories to SAP Lumira Server.

With SAP Lumira deskop 1.15 you can now publish HANA online stories to SAP Lumira Server.



For more details on SAP Lumira and What’s new you can refer to documentation

Install guide:

User guide:

What’s new guide:

Do you use SAP Lumira? What features do you like, do let us know

Best Regards

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  • For those enquiring minds: “Lumira Server” is not currently 'General Availability'. This new solution is currently undergoing validation with the help of select customers.

    It's a HANA-based XS application that will run on-premise, to facilitate "Publish to Server" workflows (amongst other things!) when visualising live data in "HANA Online" mode.

    Yes, that's right - we've genuinely unlocked the possibilities of the real-time enteprise! Live analytics, direct to your device. 



    • Hi Henry, any idea when will it be ?

      Which are the plans regarding licencing ? Will it be part of the HANA licencing scheme or Lumira scheme or a different component with its own licencing ?



      • Hi,

        There are distant rumblings about some possible integration (it's certainly got interest!), but there's nothing concrete just yet.



        • Good to hear that there's at least a rumble.  I wish we had something more concrete, yes.

          I would think it would make logical sense, I mean the BO Platform has been kind of positioned to fill that role as a reporting and analytics repository already.  I'd rather not have to buy a standalone server for that sole purpose.  I mean sure, for non-BI-Suite customers, give them the equivalent of a Tableau server or whatever, but a lot of us have a significant investment in an existing platform technology.

          • Yeah i see BIP as a useful repository too, or a portal; but *frankly speaking* with these next-generation SAP solutions - the processing platform is always going to be HANA, and that includes Lumira. (Lumira Cloud for example, is running on hana already).

            I don't personally see an opportunity for a lumira server to be installed, on windows, on an biplatform, alongside an existing java & flash apps (like explorer). At the very least it would be a 'side-car'-like Hana appliance, using UI5 and an XS web app server.



          • Henry,

            Thanks for your responses.  It's good hear perspective directly from SAP.

            I understand that the next-gen direction from SAP is to leverage next-gen technology like HANA, however from a practical and technical standpoint, it's a difficult leap for me to see why we need HANA to share Storyboards and Visualizations.  I mean, it installs on my workstation, why can it not install on a Windows Server?  It performs data acquisition from Universes, which are already served up from BIP, and native JDBC connections should be a no-brainer seeing half of the BIP is written in Java already, so it's a hard sell to say we need a new type of hardware infrastructure when my own laptop can show me Lumira content.  (I know I'm simplifying somewhat, as some customers use HANA Live connections, but we are not a HANA customer, thus my argument 🙂 ).

            Also, UI5 and XS App server, I'm 100% in support of a shift to a different UI and content serving approach, you will get no argument from me there!  Again, it's unfortunate that XS requires HANA infrastructure to stand up, though 🙁

            I'll stop whining about it though.  Once those in my organization with checkbooks (sure isn't me) buy into HANA not just being a big-data solution anymore, but rather a next-gen platform, perhaps I won't have to argue about it anymore 🙂

  • Hi guys,

    Just wondering if anyone also facing similar issues?

    When i try to use RANK on measures:

    1) If i use any chart type other than table -- it shows a blank screen

    2) If i use a table -- it will run for a long time never responding.

    Am i the only one to face these issues?


    Krishna Tangudu

  • Lumira Desktop - does not support directly SQL to databases (SAP IQ for example)?

    Something similar like type of connection "Connect to HANA".

    Datasets approach is good, but most popular approach in real life - is direct connect to RDBMS.

    Now as i understand - SQL only as Dataset - it's UN-usefull feature in real life. You can't download thousands of million rows from DB server to every Lumira Desktop client.

    It's can terrabytes of data that  must be transferred from RDBMS to client (Lumira), and it's hours or days of time.

    DBAs kill this users for that.

    • One amazing approach to this would be to think of ways to improve the growth of databases.
      As you've said traditional methods of DB structures could take hours or days of time, so why not migrate to HANA and mitigate that problem all together?

      Cost Effective, and Efficient, win-win, yes?


    • Hi Mikhail,

      I am not sure to get your comment. The feature offered in SAP Lumira is free-hand SQL so you should be able to restrict the volume of downloaded data from the corporate database to SAP Lumira.

      Best regards,


      • > SAP Lumira is free-hand SQL

        Not exact, you can use SQL query to get data from your RDBMS (HANA, IQ, Oracle, MS SQL) to user Lumira Descktop (local DB - SAP IQ). SAP call this create DataSet.

        • OK.

          Let's not focus on the term free-hand SQL then. I am just reacting to your comment :

          "Now as i understand - SQL only as Dataset - it's UN-usefull feature in real life. You can't download thousands of million rows from DB server to every Lumira Desktop client.

          It's can terrabytes of data that  must be transferred from RDBMS to client (Lumira), and it's hours or days of time.

          DBAs kill this users for that."

          I think it is not 100% accurate as you can use WHERE clauses to restrict the volume of downloaded data. See my two screenshots based on SQL on HANA.

          Best regards,


          Without WHERE clause.PNG

          With WHERE clause.PNG

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