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SAP BW? – three things to know …

Last changed 4th of June, 2020



You can upgrade in ONE STEP from SAP BW 7.0x to SAP BW 7.40 and higher (e.g. 7.50) including the SEM and other Add-On´s. SAP BW 7.50 requires a unicode based source system.

If you are upgrading from SAP BW 3.5, the highest Version in on Step you can go is SAP BW 7.31 with SEM 7.36.This is you last Stop, where the BEx 3.x and BEx Web 3.x Objects are supported.

Good News – Easier Modeling of the SEM Add-On in Solution Manager

Information for the Upgrade to SAP BW 7.50 and further:


What should everyone consider moving BW to HANA either on Premise or moving to the HANA enterprise cloud (HEC)


SAP BW/4HANA is available and brings significant new possibilities with it, despite the usage of HANA.
Ask our Customer´s, they recognize the (Business) Value it brings.


Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics



“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”

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  • Hello Roland

    Thanks for the Input.

    What about a Midmarket SAP customer which doen´t have BW today.

    Should he start with DWH on Sybase or Hana or stil starting with BW?

    Thanks for input


    • Hello Beat,

      Every Customer should start with a BW (on HANA), which answers the Question of the underlying database platform.

      As our Reference Customers in the german region D-A-CH are midsize customers, I rather think these type of Customers are less afraid what BW on HANA brings for them.

      Choosing BW on SAP Sybase ASE is a wise decission from the (SAP) Vendor perspective, as ASE is part of the SAP Family.

      Furthermore the usage od SAP-NLS for BW based on SAP Sybase IQ can be directly enabled on ASE, as they share the same LibDBSL.

      Best Regards Roland Kramer

      PM BW/In-Memory

  • Hi Roland,

    I believe that, above web link are very useful for SAP BW/HANA people. I will share this web link in our community and it will be very useful for SAP BW consultant for update more in this. Thank you so muuch for consolidating information. All the best.


    Hari Suseelan

    • Hi Marian,

               Where did you see this fetaure " it's not possible to change the queries using the Query Designer"

      User will be able to edit the query in QD in 7.40 SP6 on HANA.Can you be more presice on your question.

      Thanks & Regards


      • Hi Dinesh

        When trying to change a query in QD in 7.4 SP6 on HANA we are getting an error message:

        - error when creating catalog entry for R3TR ELEM ...

        I've searched for SAP Notes and KB but couldn't find a solution.

        What I find peculiar is that it's actually possible to change the query and save it with a different name (and not using the original query name).

        Does this ring a bell?



        • Hi Marian,

                Yes definetly it rings a bell 🙂 ........

          I have few questions to you

          1) Is it 3.x  or 7.x queries ?

          2) Are you getting this issue for the all the queries or only for specific queries?

          meanwhile I will also check out is there any correction for simlar issue

          Thanks & Regards


    • Hi,

      The Links are working again.
      There was a Name Change from SAP NetWeaver BW to SAP BW which was not incoperated in the individual Blogs.

      Sorry for any inconvinience and Best Regards Roland

  • Hi,

    I have a doubt on the delta jobs after migration. When we say BW is migrated to HANA. Does that mean the source system for example ECC will still have the old DB like oracle or DB2. Only the data extracted from the source system ECC will be moved to HANA DB where BW is on the application server , is that a right statement ?

    If we complete our BW migration to HANA DB successfully, then still the delta jobs , update queue, extraction queue are all running on the same old ECC DB ( oracle ) . is it right ? then the currently running delta in production will not get effected after the HANA DB migration ? Please advise.

    Thanks for reading.


    • Hi Ray,

      Hey first you should know ECC & BW are 2 different systems which have there own underlying DBs(it may be Oracle or HANA).

      when comes to your first query yes you're understanding is right with HANA as underlying DB for BW nothing will change like extraction and loading will remain as usual only thing is data load performance will get improves.

      2nd question there is no impact on delta queues(extraction, update) at ECC side they will work normal.

      Thanks & Regards,


  • Hello Roland,

    Just to clarify your First point- a SAP BW upgrade is technically feasible from SAP BW7.0 to SAP BW 7.4 version without going from BW7.0 to BW7.3 first, then to BW 7.4?

    Customer can upgrade straight from SAP BW7.0 SP22 to SAP BW7.4 version SP...?

    I appreciate your reply.

    -Altin Ceka

  • Hi Roland,

    Could you please provide the pre-processing, migration, post-processing tasks with the recent updated tools developed by SAP. it is highly appreciated if you provide in steps in detail.