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SAP Business One components to run a crystal report layout/report

Hi Experts,

I’m seeking for your expert advice regarding on the windows components that should be installed to run a Crystal Report Layout/Report. On my current project I’m experiencing an isolated issue on 2 workstations upon generating/previewing a Crystal Report layout, prompts a message box seeking log-in credential of SQL(See attached Check Voucher 1.5 image), which is weird since when I’m trying to generate using the server I don’t encounter the said error. So I come up with the conclusion that there are components lacking on the workstations please take note the workstation’s OS is windows XP pro and SAP B1’s version is 8.82 PL 13.

Looking forward to a favorable feedback.

Thank You and Best Regards,


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  • I have the very same problem on one windows 7 workstation, SAP version 8.8 pl 20. Note that on Zeus' screen shot the server is filled in but the database name is not. Those fields are not editable. When I enter valid database credentials in the prompt I get a logon failure message and SAP stops responding.

    I reinstalled the SAP client on the workstation but that didn't resolve the issue. If anyone knows how to configure a workstation to pass the correct credentials to Crystal automatically please let us know. Thank you.


  • I found a resolution to my problem, maybe yours too. The affected machines had SQL Server Native Client 10 but not version 9. Didn't think we needed that since we use SQL 2008 R2. But apparently certain older reports in one of our databases need it. I downloaded sqlncli.msi with the SQL 2005 feature pack from MS and installed it on the affected machines and that appears to work.

  • Hi guys,

    This was a big problem in Crystal Reports 2008 if you didn't apply the service packs to CR when editing.  I used to be happily editing then I would just return to see that this had happened randomly.

    Go to:

    Download all the service packs for CR2008 and apply them.  Edit the report/layout and preview it.  If it works, save and re-import it to SBO and then it should work!


    Crystal Reports for SAP Business One by Michael Taylor | Udemy

      • Hello,

        Best way to do it is to get the Crystal Reports for SAP Business One from the SAP service portal.  CR 2011 is currently at SP4 and CR 2008 is at SP5 out of the box there.

        If you are still on 8.82 then I would probably go with 2008, if you are on 9 go with 2011.

        Once you have the package go to the download page and do every one of the service packs.  For 2011 you will go to SP09, for 2008 you will go to CR 2008 SP6 FixPack 6.4.

        You pretty much have to do each pack sequentially as far as I remember with 2008.  But like I mentioned it got rid of this problem for me.  SP5 actually might do it because it's been a while since I saw this error so they probably just rolled it right into that pack, but best to be right up to date.


        • I can't get past SP4. That site includes fix packs for 5 and 6 but not the service packs and it won't let me install those apparently until I install the service packs. And I can't go from SP4 to SP7 because according to my research you can skip over only one service pack.


          • Hello,

            Please remove all versions of CR and get the Crystal Reports for SAP Business One from the SAP Service Portal.  The current version is SP5, then apply the fixes.

            As mentioned if you are on SBO 9.0 then abandon CR 2008 which it sounds like you are using and go for CR 2011.