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Infoset Query: One more Tip

Author: Jogeswara Rao Kavala

Hi Infoset Lovers,

Many knowledge pieces in the area of Infosets have been shared by me so far, through Documents, Discussions. Among all these, the Document

10 Useful Tips on Infoset Queries  believed to be on the top in richness of content.

In this document, another useful tips is being shared with you all.

The Objective

To have your custom message printed in the Status bar of the Selection Screen as well as in the Status bar of the ALV screen.

The End Result





Interested? Then Do these small things in your Infosets.

  1. In the Extras push button space of Infoset, you have a Code Tab-page. Here you select

AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT’ from the drop down list and give code like shown in the picture, by customising as per your need.  Save the code.


This results in displaying the message within quotes, in the status bar of the selection-screen as soon as you run the query (through a Tcode or through SQ01)

(Like shown in  the picture1 of this document)

  1. Now, again in the Extras push button space, in the Code Tab-page.  select

END-OF-SELECTION (after list)’ option from the drop down list and give code like shown in the picture, by customising as per your need.


This results in the display of the message in the Status bar of the ALV output.

  (Like shown in  the picture2 of this document)

Note: In the code Type ‘S’ syntax makes this message appear in Status bar. If it is Type ‘I’ it would be appearing as a pop-up.

Just to remind

After changes and Generation of Infoset, we should not forget that the changes will be seen in the Infoset Query, only after Executing SQ01 once.

Try it !

Jogeswara Rao K

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Jogeswara Rao,

                                  Thank you for sharing this, Hope to see more


    Anwer Suleman

  2. Former Member

    Hello Mr. Jogeswara Rao Kavala,

    thank you so much for all your interessing articles about queries in SAP.

    I’m looking for a way to add a documentation for (end) users of queries where all important Information are listend. For example a have created many queries with complex local fields and i would like to document that locgic for the (end)-users where run this query. The idea above with massage sounds to solve this Problem but what do you think about?

    Update – Nice to have: it should be possible to add pictures, symboles or graphes

    1. Jogeswara Rao K Post author

      Hello Holger,

      GOS toolbar is a better solution for this documentation. You prepare the documentation in doc or pdf file which can accommodate all your narration alongwith the pictures. Then attach this to the GOS toolbar of the selection screen of the respective Tcodes. How to add a GOS toolbar to your tcode is given here: GOS : Value Addition to your Infoset Query

      Because, infoset queries is your field, you may like to go through my other related posts:

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      Please note that you can RATE theses posts you have bookmarked and commenting, by selecting stars provided at the bottom of the post. Likewise you can give LIKE if you do so.




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