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Change the data without table maintenance in non-production system

Try this at your own risk!!!

The idea of this blog is to share the solution to a common problem faced by many functional consultants while testing. While we need to change the data of a table which does not have a SM30 maintenance view. We can change the data in almost any table either a custom table or a standard table depending upon the admin settings, we just need some basic ABAP knowledge to do this.

  1. SAP has provided a standard function module SE16N_INTERFACE, we can call this FM to edit any table. This FM calls the SE16N transaction in the edit mode.
  2. Execute this FM in SE37 and input the table name and set ‘I_EDIT’ and ‘I_SAPEDIT’ fields as ‘X’ and execute.
  3. Click on the insert/Delete icon to add to delete any row. We can also modify the existing data.
  4. While modifying the data, we can restrict the number of entries, restrict the data on the selection criteria and can display the desired fields instead of the displaying the whole table.

We must make sure the data whether the data is correct or not while dealing with standard SAP tables, as it may lead to inconsistency in the system.

This FM will work in most of the non-production systems but depending upon the system settings it might not work in few systems.

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  • Sanyam

    1.SE16N_INTERFACE is an FM which is only INTERNALLY RELEAED which indicates it is not meant for Customer Usage.So,any errors encountered using this FM will not be supported by SAP.

    2.We will not be having SE37 access in Production,even if we have we will not be having access to Execute.

    3.Ideally as you have already said WE SHOULD NOT BE USING this FM.


    • Well Kiran, what you are saying is correct and if you read the blog carefully I have already warned of the consequences of using this FM and this FM can only be used in the non-production systems.

      But I never said "WE SHOULD NOT BE USING THIS FM" 😀

      The idea of this blog is to share a solution to a common problem faced by many people while preparing the test data in non-productions systems for tables which is not having the table maintenance generator. 🙂