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Breakpoint at a select statement of a given DB table

This document is on setting a breakpoint on SELECT statement of a given database table. This is done through debugger script that is available from EHP 6.

Following is an example where a breakpoint will be set on VBAP table queries in VA02 transaction.

  1. Go to VA02 and input a sales order number
  2. Enable the debugger through /h in command field
  3. Go to “Script” tab in the debugger and click on the “Load Script” button,  take F4 help and select the report as highlighted in below imageLoad Script.png
  4. Click on “Start Script” button and input the Database table names on whose SELECT statement debugger has to stop and click execution button on the pop up window
  5. Debugger script stops at the given DB tables select statements


6.    To continue further debugging(stop at given DB table queries) click on “Continue Script” button, highlighted in the above image

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