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SAP Backup Server Setup For Oracle On Windows Server

Hello All;

This document describes how to schedule a backup in SAP ERP 6.0 System and how to send it to your backup server.

It also shows you how to prepare, and setup your backup server in order to make it ready to accept, and save the backups which are sent by your SAP System.

The systems that are used:

1- SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 5 running on Windows Server 2008 R2

2- Oracle 11.g

3- Backup Server is a Windows Server 2008 R2 with 1 TB space with 4GB of RAM

Step 1:

DB13 – Schedule of Backups

Go to your SAP System, and run the transaction code “DB13”

In this transaction you schedule the start time for your backup, and the type of the backup.

The following backup types are offered based on the need:

1) Whole database offline + redo log backup (best option – it includes everything)

2) Whole database online backup

3) Whole database offline backup

4) Whole database online + redo log backup

5) Full database offline + redo log backup

6) Full database online backup

7) Full database offline backup

8) Full database online + redo log backup

9) Incremental offline + redo log backup

10) Incremental database offline backup

11) Incremental database online backup

12) Incremental online + redo log backup

13) Partial database offline backup

14) Partial database online backup

In our case we will schedule one Whole database offline + redo log backup every Saturday at 9:00 PM, and one Whole database online + redo log backup every day at 9:00 PM.

To schedule a backup do the following steps:

1) Go to DB13


2) Double click on the day you want to start a backup in


3) In the next screen double click on the database type which you want to start


4) In the next screen specify the exact time when to start the backup


5) No click on the tab recurrences


6) Now make it to be every Day at 9:00 PM except for Saturday. This is for our cas, but in your case you can choose your own scenario which you want to follow.


7) The schedule must look like the following:



Background Configurations

The main work will be on the file “”

The location of this file is under D:\app\Administrator\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\database

In our case it is located under the D drive.

There are three parameters which need to be changes in this file, and they are:

  • Backup_dev_type = disk

#This is the storage type of the backup

  • Backup_root_dir  =  \\Backup server IP \File name which will hold your backup

# This is the location of the torage for the backups

  • Compress = brtools

Make sure that you have enough space on your backup server. For example if your backup size is 150GB make sure that your backup server has more than 150GB disk space on the drive that you are sending your backup to.

Also make sure that your backup server is able to see your SAP server. To double check this point ping your SAP server from your backup server, and then ping your backup server from your SAP server.


Mapping the drive of your backup server to your SAP server

In your SAP Server right click on your computer icon –> Map Network Drive


In the next step you will be asked to provide the IP of your backup server then the drive where you want to send the backup to, then click finish.


Step 4:

Check if your backup was finished successfully

To check if your backup was finished successfully go to your SAP system and run DB12. Here you will know the status of your backup.



This concludes the document. Hope it was helpful

Best Regards

~Amal Aloun

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      Thanks Letz

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      Varun Kumar Pathapati

      Hi Amal,

      This document is like spoon feeding to the BASIS beginner.


      Varun Kumar P.