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Passwords Are Like Underwear

My favorite SAP security awareness poster is our “passwords are like underwear” poster, which we reprinted with permission from the Office of Policy and Education, University of Michigan. Passwords are like underwear – don´t let them lying around, don´t share them with others, change them often, be mysterious, the longer the better… This together with the picture of a group of managers and one of them with the pants down… Very funny. Employees were discussing it in the canteen, and every week I got a call from a sales guy, telling me that his customer saw this poster and that he urgently needs one to send to his customer. That´s what I like most in good communications – a visual or a text which leads to discussions. People who love it and people who hate it. That creates the utmost effect – an intensive dialogue about security and refreshing the awareness to think about secure passwords. But have a look at the poster and judge yourself – have fun! Klaus

passwords are like underware.jpg

passwords are like underware.jpg
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  • The version of this I heard was "Your password is like your toothbrush. Change it regularly and don't let anyone else use it." Same sentiment, but without the boxers... 🙂

  • I was intrigued by the "underware" concept (is this some secret underground software?), but now I see you meant "underwear". Bummer... <grammar police = off> 🙂

    Totally disagree with "the longer the better" concept for the underwear. Although if you don't show it to anyone then it probably doesn't matter. Oh boy, this is just getting weirder by the second. 🙂