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NWBC and Customer Connection: Next Steps

OK, the call is over but the recordings are available here:

English version:

German version:


  • Influencing via Customer Connection
  • Focus Topic project timeline & scope
  • Process & Tools

And the link to the presentations slide deck:

Next step: Collect Requirements

We will be collecting requirements here : till 28th March.

Final call (more details nearer the time): 21st March.

After that, we will select the most popular, and most feasible, requirements for implementation.

We hope to offer some form of test or evaluation of the next major release before the final release to customers – also, more details on that later, if it proves feasible. However, this is some months in future.

Submitting / subscribing to proposals: DOs and DON’Ts

Several of you have  submitted and subscribed already – this is great for us. A few hints to optimize the process, and make sure the most popular requests make it to the selection stage:


Sorry about the garish fonts, but “Vote” is obsolete – it will be removed as soon as possible. The only thing that counts is the number of subscriptions.

Your proposal must collect 5 subscriptions to be considered for selection.


This is standard practice, is not frowned upon at all, and it increases the probability that your proposal is considered for selection.


It is great to see so many proposals so quickly after the call. And it’s probably good (for you and us) that many of you are fairly closely aligned. However, it would be a shame to split the vote for a potentially popular proposal.

As Damean has pointed out, customers cannot delete proposals. Sorry about that. However, if you (the proposer) let me know that you want your own proposal deleted (because you are subscribing to / commenting on a similar request above), I will delete it.

Conversely, if I see two similar-looking proposals , I will add “Flagged for Deletion” or similar in the Comments, and add a link to the alternative.

IMPORTANT: If  it is your proposal – PLEASE – let me know as soon as possible that you accept the deletion. I do not want to delete proposals against the owner’s wishes.


I can see why it is appealing to bundle similar features together. However, we don’t then know who exactly is subscribing to what. So please keep each improvement proposal separate. Thanks.

Background Information

To structure the feedback we get from customers, we at SAP run the Customer Connection program.  Customer Connection is directed at incrementally enhancing and improving products in mainstream maintenance.  It offers you as customers the opportunity to suggest small enhancements and improvements to those products (“Improvement Requests”). The Improvement Requests selected for development will be delivered as part of our next major release (provisionally for Q4, 2014). This quarter, NWBC has been selected as a focus topic for Customer Connection.

See here for our page for Customer Connection: NWBC.

If you are interested in getting to know more details about the program in general, please visit our collaboration site: Customer Influence. Here you will find presentations and videos explaining the goals and process in detail.

For a list of user groups, please see SAP Service Marketplace – Regional Information and user groups.


Thanks a lot to all of you who took part and/or submitted to the page. You have vindicated our decision already.

Best wishes,

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    • Hi Damean,

      Well spotted - now fixed. I've actually added two links: Our specific Customer Connection page for NWBC, and the general info page on Customer Influence at SAP.

      Sorry everyone,


  • Thanks for sharing this Julie. I would love to participate, so have emailed our local Australian User Group for details. It looks like it is going to be 2am here in Sydney during the call, I hope there might be a recording too!

    • Hi Simon, hi all Australian, NZ, and Far East users,

      Yes, I'm sorry we couldn't involve you all live, but I will try to make a recording available as soon as possible.

      Thanks for all your interest everyone,


  • Hi Julie,

    When I go to subscribe to a proposal the system requires me to fill in my company, phone number and Netweaver Version, every time... this is quite tedious, the voting button works as I would expect, no additional info required. I wish the subscribe button worked in the same way or that at least there was an easy way for the system to pre-populate that info so I don't have to fill it in every time.



    • Hi Simon,

      Yes, I can see that this is tedious. However, we need contact details, in case we need to clarify something about the subscribed member's request. In some cases, all the subscribers will be invited to a follow-up call, to make sure we have got the details right. (NOTE: These activities are entirely voluntary).

      We don't need this for votes because, as I said above, votes are actually meaningless. If a proposal gets 100 votes, and 4 subscriptions, it cannot be considered for implementation.

      I accept that it would be better if you could just fill in contact details once, plus eg a membership no. (or SMP number). Unfortunately, I cannot change the user interface myself. I will pass this on, but I don't foresee that being implemented in time for the NWBC Customer Connection.

      Best wishes,


    • Hi everyone,

      I passed on Simon's point to the CC Team. Here is their response (Simon you've seen this; this is for the rest):

      "Thanks for your feedback. I totally agree to your opinion and I can confirm that this issue has been solved on the upcoming version of the Customer Influence site. On the new version there will be only one “subscribe” option (no vote anymore) and it will work like the voting today (i.e. you do not have to enter any additional input; the required data is taken from the user profile).

      Unfortunately, the new version of Customer Influence site will be launched about April this year. The current NW Business Client Cycle will be closed by then; but you might benefit in the future if you participate in other Customer Connection projects."

      Best wishes,