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Accounting account is not generated and missing foreign trade data incomplete

Hi All,

My Experience:For belowboth errors I have searched in our SCN and i have got solution from SCN but i want to find out what could be the reasons to get the above errors to the users frequently and i did reverse testing the for both error by learning the SD . And some time user may ask reasons for above issues. So i Hope this blog may help you guys. And Add your experience and suggestions ,so that i will update into this Blog.

User’s getting below errors frequently.

1. Billing document Saved ( No Accounting account generated.)

2. Missing foreign export Data while creating billing account document and while canceling the billing document.

Please find the Solution and Error along with reverse testing

1. Billing document Saved ( No Accounting account generated.)

         A. Reasons:

         1. Create  the Sales last month -T.cdoe VF01

         2. Post the PGI  with reference of delivery – T code: VL02N in Past month

         3. Post Billing document – T code: VF01 based on delivery document  in past month

              a. Here accounting document will be generate in past month based on billing document.

          4. Due to Some of the reason user may canceled the  Billing document – T code: VF11 in present month after closed the 12th month

                Note:  Here based on above reason  user may get error like Document (Billing document ) 689500037 saved (no accounting document generated). 



                Overview of billing before creating accounting document after cancel the billing document – T code  – VF03


                 B. Solution

                 i. Go to VF02 or and enter canceled Billing document and perform below activity.


                    Please check billing document date and change if required for present date or we need to open the 12th posting Period for time being  to post FI document to complete the above task (for open FI posting period – OB52 T code )


              And go to VF02 or VFX3 tcode and enter Billing document: 689500031 and perform below activity and accounting document will create successfully and Balance will be nullify.


2. Missing foreign export Data while creating billing account document and while canceling the billing document     

     Based on above error i did reverse testing how  and when errors are encountering  and i found below reasons and steps needs to follow as below to get the solution.

     Scenario: first user got the order from customer and user created the sale order ,created delivery with reference of  SO and did the PGI and customer canceled the order and so due to this reasons and user getting below error.

  Reverse testing along with steps:

      1. Sale order creation  – T code: VA01

      2. Delivery creation  – T code: VL01N

      3. PGI posted – T code: VL02N

     4. Billing document posted – T code: VF01

       a. Here accounting document will be generate

    5.Due to order cancellation from customer ,user deleted the order and  canceling the order,  Canceled the goods issues document – T code: VL09

    6.User Deleted the delivery document  – T code : VL02N                                                  

    7. Billing document canceled – T code: VF11  in present month

    Note: Here user getting error like below.

    Document 689500037 has been saved (foreign trade data incomplete), this error will come due to deleting the delivery document number from sale order.


    Solution for above error:

    Go to VI14X T code

    Enter the Canceled Billing: 689500039


    Enter the above inputs or required by user.

    Go to VF03 and enter Billing document to see overview.


Go to VF02 or VFX3 and enter the canceled Billing document and perform below activity.


Finally check the Over view of Billing document: VF03 and all the document balances are equal that is billing document balances are equal 

by reversing the canceled billing document and accounting document balances are equal by reversing the billing accounting document.


Hope this document will help to all and by seeing this blog will get clear idea for above issues

*End the document*

!! All the best !!

Thank you.


Sudharsana Vamsi

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  • Maybe I'm confused, but in the 'Prerequisites' the billing document is already cancelled in step 5, so what are you cancelling in step 8? Also "accounting account" doesn't seem right, did you mean "accounting document"?

    You might want to elaborate on what is the background of this error (e.g. business scenario, was there a user error, etc.) amd your personal experience and thoughts, otherwise it's rather a document than a blog. Please refer to this document.

    Thank you.