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Private time vs Public Time

I shall begin this blog by asking you a question. What do you do in your private time? Yeah..before that this need to be understand what a private time is !!

If this is asked generally, most of the people would say their working hours as Public time, and private time is when they are at home with the family. Well certainly not !! That perhaps define the Professional and Personal lives.

Let’s understand the difference. It doesn’t matter if you are at workplace, home, shopping mall or anywhere because any moment which isn’t entirely yours, is Public time !!!

  • At workplace, you are assigned certain tasks and you put your best efforts to get them. You do it for your Client or Boss!
  • At home, you enjoy watching Tom & Jerry show with your child and you actually enjoy it. You do it for your child!


So what is Private time?

Any time which is not controlled by anyone else & is entirely your’s and this could be anywhere, anytime.

What to do with the private time? Most of us, when not instructed to anything, like to spend it calmly, we love to live in tranquility. That’s a good thing to do. But there could be another aspect also.

We all have heard about Brad Pitt. People love his Six pack abs and he is praised for that globally. Here we go,

  • His public time starts when he faces the camera, to act, to speak, to present himself. We watch his movies, like them and that makes him superstar!!
  • In his private time, he spends hours working on his muscles. Had he been laying in couch and watch Soccer all the time, would have he been Brad Pitt? I guess No!!

Another example is Aamir Khan. He spent good thirteen months to achieve what we saw in Gajini. And again, it didn’t take him long enough to get in shape for Three Idiots.

What makes them unique and perfectionists? Why they are so successful in their career? They know how to utilize their private time so that they can excel in the public time.

Tendulkar, Federer, Beckham, they all worked so hard in their private time so that we, the public for them, saw what we have seen. A sprinter sweats all the four years just to excel in those 10 crucial seconds. There are numerous examples whose career are awesome.

Managing your Private time is quite important. This is very much required to succeed and move ahead in life. If you don’t do it in your private time, you would lesser be expected to do deliver. Relating this to our profession, we don’t get project every time. When on bench, some like to tour, some like to picnic, some like to read, some play games etc.

It all depends on you. Spare time to better your skills. When you have your private time, explore your horizon, expand it. Look for the ways around to enhance your career. Don’t just sit and let it go.

Basically, its not a rocket science to understand about the timings. Its about your conscience, your will and dedication and you know the repercussions better.

In India, this is very popular ‘Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai’. It means ‘What is seen is sold ‘ !!

If you have reached this part of the blog, you would understand that I have explained nothing new. But there is slight difference, like the one between consciousness and awareness. You all know what is your Public time and what you are expected to deliver. This is not for SAP or SCN, this is for everything. This is for yourself.

Nobody looks after your private time, nobody knows about it, nobody’s even interested. Your performance is all which makes you and to achieve that, identify your private time and work on it. Manage your private time and it will manage your public time.

Start thinking!!

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      Hi Nitin,

      I read this blog again. It is really nice. It seems to me that best he could do is rate your blog here and he did that. You were right 😆 😆 😆

      Highly amateur !!


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      Nitin Jinagal
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